Saturday, 30 June 2018

The Listening Club - 1st July 2018

Greetings all,

@emmaprice here with her best caretaking coat on while fun and frolics is being had down that there Rabbit Hole.

Last week @JimMcCauley treated us all to some banging indie dance pop in the form of Confidence Man's debut album, 'Confident Music for Confident People', which seemed to have everyone jumping around nicely. So thanks to Jim for the pick, and for chucking the frisbaton at me, who is here now to introduce my pick:

"I've had a bit of a tough time deciding this time around. After a day of angsting I narrowed it down to two albums and eventually resorted to picking names out of a hat with my eyes shut.

"I was introduced to this artist by my friend Mary at University. She quickly became my musical guru and has introduced me to many bands over our 20 year friendship.

"After a substantial hiatus and some eventful personal lives they recently released this album. This got a pretty good set of reviews and was album of the month in Fopp a while back (I felt all ahead of the curve for about 3 minutes).

"I've seen them a couple of times in the last year and can confirm they're on fine form at the moment."

Direct download is here and the herebespoilers stream is below.

See you at 8PM (BST)!

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