Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Listening Club - 1st April 2018

Happy joke egg day, everyone! It is I, @JimMcCauley, taking care of business while @kleptones is away doing whatever it is his people do on this, the holiest of opportunities for hilarious pranks. Today I'm mainly doing washing and bleeding radiators, as well getting excited about seeing the actual Daphne & Celeste in Bristol on Tuesday night. Fun times!

Last week surprising ex-roadie @faberfedor treated us to the wry musical observations of Deirdre Flint's 'Then Again', which didn't go down as badly as I think Faber might have been expecting; they can't all be zingers but there seemed to be something there for everyone. So thanks to Faber for the pick and for launching the frisbaton at @AndersHanson, who's right here, right now.

"I can't believe it's been 19 months since I last had the frisbaton, but then last year was a bit of an odd year and I wasn't around as much on a Sunday. However, despite all that time for me to think about my next pick it was only this morning that inspiration came and so here it is. I hope it'll have been worth the wait.

"This album I discovered through accidentally stumbling on one track that I became a little obsessed with and listened to loads and loads with it rapidly become of my favourites. For some reason though it was only much later that I finally went off and discovered the album it was on - that track I fell in love with being the last one on this album. The rest of the album is actually quite different in many respects although in genre terms this pick probably won't surprise many of you. Hopefully though there's enough in there for it not to be wholly predictable."

Right ho. Download is here, and the spoilery HearThis stream is below.

Catch you at 8PM (BST)!

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