Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Listening Club - 28th January 2018

Greetings folks,

Hope you're doing fine. Busy week for me here in Amsterdam, as I know a fair few of you have seen across the social meeds, finally starting to put some new Kleptones stuff out, which is a lovely feeling. (No need to link here, sure you've had more than enough of me banging on about it this week.).

Also, of course, much sadness for the passing of Mr. Smith, whom I had the pleasure of meeting only once, sharing a DJ bill in Manchester. I was unsure how to behave, and voiced my concern to the assembled, a mutual friend said "Ask him what he's drinking", he turned up, I asked, he said "Pils, mate", I got him a Holsten, then turned away for a second, he immediately pulled me back round and said "Hey, I thought we were having a drink?"... and so we drank a few, then he wandered over to the decks, pulled a CD out of his pocket, stuck it on, then turned every single knob and fader on the mixer up to full, coming close to blowing the sound system, all the whilst standing there grinning that unmistakeable grin. A very unique human, we'll not see his like again.

Last week here chez #LC, @rougeforever was in the chair, getting down and dirty in the fumes of Julian Cope's "Autogeddon". Many thanks to her for the pick, and for flipping the frisb across to that @saucer, who's here with this week's intro...

"I'll be honest: I was fatally dazzled by choice from too much great, recent music, and gave up on picking something new. I like picking newish albums here but I just got tired of arguing with myself  :/

So instead I went to my happy place... that verdant internal realm where artists like this one live in peace and presence forever. 

So this evening we have an all-time favorite by an all-time favorite, who have not shown up in Listening Club save for once in a vortex a couple of years ago.

I feel incredibly lucky and truly blessed to have seen them twice, both times many thousands of miles from their home. Each time they transfigured the room and changed my life. I miss them.

I want to share this with you before the nukes hit or the oceans sweep us away. Not even joking."

Okaydoke. Direct download is here, the ol' HearMeSpoilers stream is below:

See you at 8pm GMT.

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