Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Listening Club - 17th December 2017

@emmaprice here with my best caretaking coat on wishing you greetings from a somewhat soggy London where the pre-Xmas festivities are in full swing. Before we start with todays tuneage just a quick reminder that Listeningclub will be on annual hols for the next fortnight and will return with a bang on January 7th to help banish those post Xmas blues. That’s right it’s our annual #festivevortex so get thinking about those new tracks you’ve been loving this year.

Last week @kleptones was in the hot seat and treated us all to the eponymous debut album from James Holden & The Animal Spirits which went down rather well with the assembled throng.

The frisbaton made the final cross channel journey of the year over to @mutster101 for this week’s pick so Ladies & Gentlemen please raise your glasses and join me in a festive chorus of #ohGareth

"It’s Christmas time… and there’s no need to be afraid…except for the continuing rise of fascism and the returning threat of nuclear Armageddon… AND THE FACT THAT IT’S MY PICK! I went for a Christmas one. Given that LDR hasn’t done a Christmas album, there was only one obvious choice".  

Direct download is here and the herebefestivespoilers stream is below. See you all at 8PM GMT.

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