Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Listening Club - 12th November 2017

Hey there, listening chums! @JimMcCauley at your service, what with @kleptones (along with @nessiest) being away this weekend at Le Guess Who, where all things being equal he'll be getting a load of Jane Weaver by the time we tee off this evening. I’d be very jealous if not for the fact that I'm seeing her myself in a couple of weeks.

So then, last time it was @lsperia_ at the controls with his maiden pick, and he came up with a good'un in the form of the first two bits of Archive's Controlling Crowds, resulting in a good few of the assembled going straight off in search of part 3. Which is a pretty good result in anyone's book, so thanks to Teppo for the pick, and for chucking the old frisbaton thing at @cdrose_writer, who naturally is here now to say things.

"Some things only make sense twenty years later.  This was a record I vaguely remember coming out at the tail end of the 90s, but despite the fact it drew on my twin loves of music and writing, I ignored it and it sank into the dregs of my memory, only recently to resurface in the flurry of attention given to one of its principal creators: a deceased American writer about whom a new biography has been written. 

"A collaboration between the writer and a semi-legendary English post-punk band, this imaginative audiobook of the writer’s final novel is a picaresque tale of travel through various underworlds.  Frequent spoken interludes using the book’s text match music which ranges from chanson to shanty to disco.

"N.b. 1: contains a fair amount of language perhaps best described as ‘salty’, so if you have younger listeners around, it may be best to listen on headphones.

"N.b. 2: includes pirates.

"Drinking recommendation:  rum."

Yarrrrr. Direct download's here, and HearThis (spoilers etc.) is below.

See you at 8PM (GMT)!

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