Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Listening Club - 5 March 2017

Oh, hi! Didn't see you there. Yeah, I'm writing some stuff about this pro gaming keyboard and its amazingly short actuation distance. Got to pay the bills, isn't it. No, not much more to do today, then I can get in a few hours of the new Zelda before Listening Club. What's that? Did I? Oh shit, I did, didn't I. Balls.

Hello everyone! @JimMcCauley here, covering for @kleptones while he's off inhaling the fog on the Tyne and queuing up to get into a pub, which I totally didn't forget all about. And while I'm not forgetting things, remember that in two weeks it's our fifth birthday vortex, so get thinking about what's tickled your fancy over the last five years.

Last week @wojsvenwoj kept us all guessing for the duration of his pick, which took us through basically all the genres before being revealed as "Left Foot Dance Of The Yi" by Shanren. A fine pick, indeed, so thanks to Woj for his choice, and for bunging whatever the hell we're calling it this week at @emmaprice, who’s here with a clutch of .WMA files because apparently they were out of wax cylinders.

"Evening all,

"Hope you've had a lovely weekend, I've been off visiting the Oxford dodo with @andershanson so am nicely cultured up for the next few weeks.

"I discovered tonight's artists last year when they were the support act for a band I saw down in Brighton. Sometimes a support band can completely take you by surprise as you stand there pint in hand waiting for the main event. Within the first track (also the first track on the album) you could see the crowd starting to respond. I bought the album in the interval and it's been on regular play since then.

"Since then I've seen them play a couple more times in venues large and small & I can safely say that I adore this album but my word it's even better live.

"Don't think we'll be finding any new genres for @akx's T-shirt tonight & I know this is a genre that may not appeal to some.

"This puts me in mind of a festival on the village green, as the sun goes down and the evening comes alive.

"Drinking club is most definitely a fine cider or beverages suitable for a balmy night outside dancing under the stars.

"p.s #drinkingclub song is track 2."

And there we have it. Download is here, and the HearThis stream is just down there (click through to have everything spoilered rotten).

See you at 8PM! (GMT!)

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