Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Listening Club - 26th March 2017

Hey there,

Doing OK? Hope so. Amsterdam is still looking unseasonably fine, which is bringing everyone out to sip their beers in the sunlight a little earlier than they expected (seriously, last year spring weather didn't arrive till early May, leading to the grimmest Kings Day I've experienced thus far...). Here, chez V&E, more sping cleaning is occurring, as the bath of glorious sunlight reveals yet more grot to be removed. Smiling and cranking the tunes whilst doing it, natch....

Last week, oh how we celebrated our 5th birthday with a wonderful #birthdayvortex. Fascinating to hear which tunes turned folks ears on the mostest, for sure, but an all round super-varied selection indeed. Thanks again to everyone for chipping in their favourites!

Back to regularly-scheduled programming, @har_shone was left with the frisbaton, and following a bout of jet-setting, has this to day by way of introduction...

"Those who know me will know that I am deeply enamoured with and worshipful of a certain Mancunian singer-songwriter / awful human curmudgeon. His voice and lyrics were the beginning of my process of falling in love with music and I still circle back to his oeuvre no matter what wonderful musical tangents life takes me on (and there have been many!).

So, this album is basically a really fun, strange, and surprisingly up-beat, take on something I love. I found the album last year and went through the cycle of ‘oh hell no’, ‘oh, ok, maybe’ and eventually ‘yes please’. 

I remain deeply worried that this album is specifically designed to make me and only me happy and you will all hate it. If you DO hate it, always remember that If You Don’t Like Me, Then Don’t Look At Me."

Okaydoke. A short play this week, as there were some duplicate live tracks on the end we've agreed to trim off, but have added a bonus tune, still it wraps around half an hour. Direct download is here, and the HearThisWithSpoilers link is below...

See you in a bit!

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