Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Listening Club – 8th January 2017

Hello, welcome back and a happy new year to you all. @JimMcCauley here, giving @kleptones a well-earned seasonal break as we ease our way into 2017. It's a grey old day here in Bath, but I've neatly sidestepped it, sitting inside with a freshly-registered version of Reaper so I can put together…

Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself. So, the last time we were assembled, @mrhig stepped up to the plate and delivered an early festive treat in the form of the Crash Test Dummies' 'Jingle All The Way', which certainly provoked opinions. Thanks to Matt for the pick and for launching the frisbaton at @101retsum, who'll be doing the do next week.

Because now it's finally time for 2016's #FestiveVortex! I'm still awaiting the last few stragglers (refreshes mail again) as I type this, but so far it's big and fucking excellent and you'd better tape Sherlock because we're not getting out of here much before 10PM, and anyway Sherlock's gone way off the boil lately.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a track or two (or three, although I'll likely trim those in the final edit); I'll post up the tracklist later.

Download is here, and the HearThis thingy (which will spoiler the shit out of everything if you click through to it) is just below.

See you at 8PM (GMT)!

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  1. Bon Iver – 22 (Over Soon) (@mrhig)
    DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak @kleptones)
    PJ Harvey – The Wheel (@samsmitter)
    The Wild Reeds – Everything Looks Better (in Hindsight) (@thejayarr)
    David Bowie – Girl Loves Me (@emmaprice)
    Christine and the Queens – Tilted (@CakeHugga)
    Anohni – Drone Bomb Me (@nessiest)
    K'naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC & Residente – Immigrants (@JimMcCauley)
    Xylouris White – Forging (@cdrose_writer)
    Radiohead – Burn the Witch (@mrhig and @kleptones)
    Serinette – Roadshow (@jonnydapigg)
    Gemma Ray – Hail Animal (@saucer)
    Kate Tempest – Ketamine for Breakfast (@Har_Shone)
    Shame – Gold Hole (@Holette)
    Operators – Control (@thejayarr)
    Kaytranada – Lite Spots (@kleptones)
    Disphonia ft. Kryptomedic – Back to the Old School (@jonnydapigg)
    Justice – Fire (@CakeHugga)
    Unloved – When a Woman is Around (@samsmitter)
    Iggy Pop – Chocolate Drops (@Har_Shone)
    Jon Boden – All Hang Down (@emmaprice)
    Shirley Collins – Washed Ashore (@rougeforever)
    Lush – Rosebud (@saucer)
    Radiohead – True Love Waits (@nessiest)
    David Bowie – Blackstar (@Holette)
    The Monkees – Birth of an Accidental Hipster (@JimMcCauley)