Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Listening Club - 27th November 2016

Hey folks,

Still grey and grim all around, but pushing on seems to be the order of the day as the political dust settles all around us. Don't forget we still have a bit of a quandary as to when the #festivevortex takes place (for the uninitiated, that's when we all pick a couple of our favourite tracks of this year, throw them into a mix and have a little party during xmas downtime). As I'm going to be away this year, the mighty @JimMcCauley has agreed to helm the operation, but we still need to agree on a date, as xmas day falls around the weekend. Ideas welcome, although I figure Jim should have the final decision, as he's the one that's going to be putting the effort in! Let us know on the tweets, folks...

Last week, whilst myself and @nessiest were away being jazzed to within an inch of our lives, the very same @JimMcCauley was in the chair, boogieing folks with his pick of Sasha's "Invol2ver", which seemed to go down most satisfactorily indeed. Thanks hugely to himself for the pick, and for flipping the frisbaton across to @Har_Shone, who is here with her debut pick introduction....

"I suppose I should apologise because I had an album all picked out that I was convinced a) you’d all probably like and b) most of you wouldn’t have heard of and then it suddenly struck me, ‘why don’t I pick one of my favourite albums of all time which is notoriously divisive instead’. So that’s what I’ve done. Sorry.

My Aunt and Uncle are my music guru Yoda-esque favourites and they recommended this album to me when I was about 14 and I pretty much hated it because, well, its a bit weird and I was very young. Then, when I was about 19, I revisited it and discovered, maybe I’m a bit weird and I loved it! Enjoy!"

Righty-ho. Direct download is here, and the spoiler-heavy HearThis stream is below.

See you at 8pm BST!

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