Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Listening Club - 30th October 2016

Greetings folks,

Happy clock-dicking about week. Yep, it's goodbye to walking home in the early-evening embers, and hello to dark & gloom at the end of the day for a few months, well for me anyway. So it goes. At least it's a little less time per day I have to spend looking at the grim grey sky. No, it's not my favourite time of year, can you tell?

Back in hardy perennial #LC land, last week @cdrose_writer was in the chair, and despite my best efforts to link everyone back to the previous week, finally got there with his pick of Ruby's "Waiting For Light", which went down very well with the assembled. Cheers to him for the pick and for sailing the frisb across to the kitchen of @JonnyDaPigg, who is here with this week's appetizer...

"How do chaps and chappesses, gonna keep this brief as I'm need to keep putting more Hey Duggee's on the telly. Today's choice was helped narrowed down by my current listening situation, #kitchenclub, which basically meant I had to remove anything bass heavy. Which was quite a lot. Then removed was all choices marked summer, ah, summer, see you next year. Top of the pile was this offering which came into my possession upon receiving a new instrument one Christmas. To get me into playing (which actually I'm not allowed to do as the noise offends the gift giver) I went searching for some artists and albums featuring said instrument. This one is the second one I got and my favourite. I'm not sure why if I'm honest, but it never fails to bring a smile and get my foot tapping. It also sounds great on my laptop speakers so we should be all good to go.  

Recommended #drinkingclub: bourbon.   


Direct download is here, and the ol' spoiler-tastic HearThis stream is...

See you at 8pm GMT!

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