Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Listening Club - 4th September 2016

Hey there,

Hope all is fine, looks like we've reached that time of the year when our pittance of a summer starts to recede, and suddenly any sign of heat or sun results in a frantic dash outside to play. Well, it does here anyway.... *looks out the window hopefully*

Last week, @andershanson was in the chair, and treated us all to his debut play of Temples' "Sun Structures", which he and most everyone else seemed to enjoy muchly. Thanks to Anders for the pick and for flipping the frisbaton across to that @JimMcCauley, who's here to explain away his pick...

"It's an embarrassing time to be British. It must be a little more embarrassing to be American and faced with the very real possibility of President Trump in a couple of months, but there's still time to avert that particular catastrophe.

Brexit, though, is a national embarrassment on a scale of I don't know what, and if it wasn't bad enough waking up the morning after the referendum, we now have to put up with the spectacle of 'Brexit means Brexit' and the government boldly stumbling towards disaster on the grounds that it's what the people want. There just isn't enough facepalm.

It's so bad that it makes me miss the heady, hubristic days of Cool Britannia. I mean, we all know how well that went in the end, but for a while it was a fun popular delusion to be a part of and I think this album, celebrating a peculiarly tenacious national icon, sums up the era nicely. So get out your non-ironic Union Jacks and let's party like it's 1997!

"#drinkingclub: Oh, you'll figure it out. Have a cocktail shaker ready."

Right. Direct download is here, and the HearThis stream is....

See you at 8pm BST (GMT+1).

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