Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Listening Club - 24th July 2016

Howdy folks,

Hope you're all well and good. Amsterdam is looking fine and dandy, basking in a week of rather glorious weather, slowing the pace of the city down to a gentle thrum as many denizens spend the weekend dining al fresco, passing round those odd little tubs of cheese cubes and sausage slices, and generally lazing about, myself no exception, although a beer on the stoop is not half as much fun without that there @nessiest, who is currently back in kiwiland for a while. Speaking of to-ing and fro-ing, don't forget I'm after a caretaker manager here for 14th & 21st August, whilst we do a bit of travelling and Green Man festivalling. Let me know if you can help out, ta.

Also a reminder that we have an #endofdaysvortex coming up next week, thanks to @rougeforever for the suggestion, so please send me your finest end-of-the-world style picks for next Sunday's frolics, please!

Last week, @holette was in the chair, bringing us a dose of cutting-edge spaced-outness in the shape of the Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve debut album "The Soft Bounce", and mighty fine it was too. Many thanks to Sarah for the pick and for flipping the frisbaton across to me... *dons fake goatee beard & tache*...

"Right then. It was tempting to pick my own, just about finished new DJ mix, but subjecting the ol' LC to three-and-a-half-hours of (admittedly rather excellently arranged, hemhem) jungle and footwork might just have been testing the patience of some of the regulars 'pon a Sunday eve. So it's fortunate that I chanced upon this album a couple of weeks back, and immediately filed it in the "could be fun for #lc" pile.

Looking back on my previous picks, I do seem to have a habit of picking interesting collaborations and this one is no exception. Two very talented folks, the first of which I've been listening to for a good long while and finally got a chance to see live this year with his regular band (front row, no less), which was a very awesome evening indeed, although it sounded rather different to this album. The other person is new to me, although he seems to be making big waves in musical circles, as they apparently say, particularly as his ace playing is very evident on the final David Bowie album.

Does that give anything away? No? Good. Two talented guys with bunch of gear, in a room, doing their thing. Didn't sound like anything I was expecting, looking forward to seeing what you make of it."

Direct download is here, and the ol' HearThis stream is...

See you at 8pm BST (GMT+1)

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