Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Listening Club – 21st February 2016

Evening all! @kleptones is away in Brighton for the weekend so it is I, @JimMcCauley, as your host tonight. Do make yourselves comfortable; by all means help yourselves to nibbles and feel free to turf the cat out of that chair. He can find somewhere else to sleep, it'll be fine. Oh shit, sorry, he doesn't normally do that. Would you mind awfully not bleeding on the rug? I'll get you a plaster.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, last week @kleptones smacked us up good with his pick of Wand's "Golem", a cracking portion of West Coast psychedelic rock (or rockadelic psych) that went down a treat with the assembled masses. Thanks to Eric for the pick, and for skilfully aiming the frisbee at @cdrose_writer, who will be with us presently.

First, though, your reminder that next week it's the #CringeRapVortex! So get all your bad or incongruous or just plain cheesy rappings over to Eric, and may God have mercy on our souls. And with that, it's over to @cdrose_writer for tonight's pick:

"Late winter in England can be a bleak time.  For every day of crisp sunlight and glittering frost, there’s a week of temperatures lurking in low figures, pavement-coloured skies and a cold that gets into your bones.  The only sensible refuge for such days are the good things: food, drink, friends, music.

"So I hunkered down and scanned through my LC possibles list and found that apart from one (a wonderful and unjustly neglected piece of lo-fi Manc psych, maybe a bit too similar to last week’s Kleptones pick) they were all songs of love tangled, lost or impossible: I blame the weather.

"I eventually went for something that, despite a keening mournful edge, is also a record of great warmth, tenderness, wit and variety.  It’s music from three diverse sources, a collaboration between musicians who have all previously done wildly different things now working together to make something strange and new.

"I’ll stick my head out now and say that some of you may not like bits of this one, but hey – that’s the fun of The Club, I guess.  I hope, at least, it provides an escape from the bare-treed emptiness of this time of year, makes the pavement sparkle and the evening glow."

Tip top! Download is here, and the HearThis stream should be below, as long as it hasn't been nuked.

See you at 8PM! GMT!

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