Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Listening Club - 15th November 2015

Greetings all,

Hope you're well and good. An expectedly muted intro this week, Friday's events casting a dark shade on any attempt at chirpiness. That said, it's very sad to see high-profile artists immediately cancelling shows both in France and neighbouring countries in the aftermath. Although indeed security would be of a much heightened concern, if ever there was a time to show that life, and concerts, go on, now is that time. And it's certainly not the "first direct hit on music", Bono you ass - as the fleeing survivors of martial musical censorship in Mali, Senegal and Pakistan among many other places will testify. Big up, surprisingly, to Madonna, for being the first of those high-profile folks to speak a little common sense for once. On we go...

Last week on Planet #LC @akx was in a curveball mood, throwing out a serious dose of multicultural pop in the shape of Katzenjammer's "Le Pop", which hit the spot for quite a few of you. Many thanks to Aarni for the pick and for flipping the frisbee across to @JonnyDaPigg, who is here with his intro...

"I thought I had my pick for this week narrowed down to 3 choices, had the blurb all ready then Friday evening happened. Suddenly didn't feel right. I thought about using one of my French albums in tribute, top of the list was the soundtrack to La Haine a brilliant film I'd been introduced to by my French housemates whilst at uni. Looking at my Facebook and Twitter timeline it seemed an apt title, only it didn't. In fact it was the opposite of what I wanted. So my pick was really simple after that. It's an album full of songs you will all know. It's not a hidden gem, it's fucking obvious. It's an album we can all switch off to and enjoy (I hope). It's one of those remastered and reworked albums that actually is remastered and reworked, not just a little extra gain to add some loudness *cough, definitely, maybe, cough*. There is so much to hear within this, some Chemical Brothers and an M&S advert to name two, I may just stick the headphones on relax and float down stream.


Reety-ho. Direct download is here, and the HearThis stream is...

See you at 8pm GMT!

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