Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Listening Club - 5th April 2015

Greetings and happy buns and eggs day.

Spring has most definitely sprung here in Amsterdam, sun streaming in through the windows, inside still the huff puff of painting and moving stuff around in our new place, but now we're fully in, so no trekking home at the end of the night required, and now we have hot and cold running internets, #listeningclub is all well and good also.

Last week was indeed a victim of that huff-puffery - rare that we need to have a late start, apologies for that, but rather surprisingly, given it's slow start, the #walkofshamevortex more than made up for it. A seriously fine selection of moods indeed, from the deeply shamefull to beyond shameless. Many thanks to you all for your selections...

Back in the normal #LC zone, and t'other week @JimMcCauley was left holding the frisbee, and here he is with this week's intro...

"Blimey, it's nearly three years since my first Listening Club pick. I agonised over that one for days; this one's been a fair bit easier because after months of comfortable loafing, the work's suddenly picked up and I haven't had time to agonise over a mystery LP. However, it has something in common with my first pick insomuch as it's another case of someone who used to be in a (reasonably) well-known band that split, and this is their subsequent band.

Also, I discovered my original first pick for tonight through this person; love it to bits, but in the past couple of weeks it's suddenly become really popular (plus someone else mentioned it as a potential pick) so I thought I'd go for something a lot less obvious. It's nothing challenging; dreamy indie pop with plenty of influences and some pretty sharp production, which took a little while to grow on me but quickly became a firm favourite.

Now if you don't mind I have work to be getting on with; catch you later!"

Reety-ho. Direct download is here (link at the top of the page)

See you at 8pm BST!

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