Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Listening Club - 26th April 2015


Hope all is good with y'all. A bit of a buggy day here in A-dam, as DIY irritation hits Kleptone/Nessiest Towers - Seriously, aerated concrete partition walls can fuck the fuck off right now. Apart from that mission, in areas of the new place where solid concrete rules, is jolly nice to see all our stuff go up on happy shelves, and for me, all my remaining stuff to come out of storage. Vinyl! Decks! Etc! Jolly, jolly nice to see it all again. Also the weather is lousy, which has put a bit of a damper on King's Day time, but so it goes, we will have major fun whatever happens, as you lot mostly now will understand....

Last week @mrhig was in the chair, and hit us with Arcade Fire's "Reflektor", to general thumbs up ranging from C+ to A- I think.... thanks to Matt for the pick and for flipping the frisb across to @emmaprice for next time, but first...

Yes, which side are you on folks? We are about to find out with the #electionvortex, as the UK gears up for a spring/summer of human debasement in the form of governmental electorials, here's 18 lessons that need to be learned, or not, as the case may be...

Direct download is here (full download link at top of page), and the mixcloud is here.

See you at 8pm BST!

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