Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Listening Club - 22nd February 2015

Hey there,

Feeling a little discombobulated thanks to a week of headachey-post-snot, combined with the ongoing search for a new pad for myself and @nessiest and heavy daytime workload - don't often mention the ol' day job here, but deadlines and frown-lines have been in abundance sadly. So it goes for us all from time to time, but as always, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and good gigs popping up along the way (Decemberists & Serafina Steer tomorrow, yay). Seasonally affected? Yeah, I guess. Bring on the summer I say - In need of wine, picnics and great outdoor sounds....

Quick recap on last week, which saw @cdrose_writer mellow everyone beautifully with Haiku Salut's "Tricolore". Many thanks to Chris for the pick, and for spinning the frisb across to @nessiest for next week. But first...

let's have a yay for the #sexyvortexy! As expected, from the sublime, through the ridiculous, and beyond, here's 28 selections that provide a communal audio-Rorschach of your sexy-tune-times. It's quite a long one  but you wouldn't want it any other way, would you? Are you bold enough to listen? I reckon you are...

Direct download is here (link at top of the page), Mixcloud (who put the c*nt in c*ntent recognition) stream is here.

See you at 8pm GMT!

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  1. 01 gater - taboo (@cdrose_writer)
    02 Magnet - Willow's Song (@jimmccauley)
    03 Tweet - Oops (oh my) (@kleptones)
    04 Hidden Cameras - Underage (@saucer)
    05 Rolling Stones - Bitch (@holette)
    06 The Lonely Island - Falcor vs. Atreyu (@tibieryo)
    07 Subhumans - Slave To My Dick (@eastvanhalen)
    08 Divine Comedy - To Die A Virgin (@mrhig)
    09 Prince - It (@kleptones)
    10 Des'ree & Babyface - Fire (Supernatural) (@emmaprice)
    11 Pairs - Sunday Morning (@saucer)
    12 Saltpeter - Your Wife (@cdrose_writer)
    13 Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (@nessiest)
    14 V-Vm - Take My Beef Away (@akx)
    15 Pink - Oh My God (@mutster101)
    16 Outkast - Spread (@mrhig)
    17 Bobby Goldsboro - Summer (The First Time) (@holette)
    18 Uncle Bonsai - Boys Want Sex In The Morning (@mutster101)
    19 Faggot Fairys - Feed The Horse (@cakehugga)
    20 Bessie Smith - I'm Wild About That Thing (@samsmitter)
    21 Guido - Mad Sax (@akx)
    22 G G Allin - I Want To Fuck Myself (@jimmccauley)
    23 Danny Brown - I Will (@tibieryo)
    24 Lil' Louis - French Kiss (@jonnydapigg)
    25 Class Actress - Journal Of Ardency (@TC_Cornesto)
    26 Jim Bianco - Goodness Gracious (@rougeforever)
    27 Bunny Buckskin & Carrington McDuffie - Pink Sweatboxes (@faberfedor)
    28 Frankie Howerd & June Whitfield - Up Je T'aime