Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Listening Club - 1st February 2015

Pinch and a punch to you all,

Whizzing through the formalities today, as it's that annual-ish occurrence when there's a serious work overload and I find myself still digging away at stuff late on a Sunday night, the better to appease a paymaster come Monday morning. Also hobbling quite a bit after whacking my big toe on a stone staircase yesterday running for a train. Amazing how much pain one toe can generate, isn't it? Fortunately nothing broken, but some very interesting shades of purple to keep me entertained. So you'll forgive me if I just move right on past this paragraph before anything else happens...

Last week, ya ho, was that #twominutesorlessvortex which stretched out our collective abilities even further than ever - an amazing selection of shortness and smallness, doing the sublime-to-ridiculous-and-quickly-back-again dance that has become a #listeningclub trademark. Thanks to you all for the bundles of picks!

Back in regular #LC-land, @holette was left clutching the frisbee, so here she is with this week's pre-match...

"Relax fun seekers. It’s not the new Bjork album.

I was introduced to a track off this record a long time ago by occasional Listening Clubber @matthewesdigs.  I only got round to following up on the album recently, inspired by one of  Dave Grohl's Sonic Highways films.  Whatever you think of the Foo Fighters, the films, which take a sideways look at the musical heritage of various U.S. locations, are well worth watching.  One of these places was the crucible for this album. A place that seems a magnet for musical mavericks. It’s spawned a big range of significant albums, some known better than others.  Which also describes the collaborators on this album. Prize for the first to identify the very well known female guest vocalist.  Sometimes it’s sassy and cool, sometimes it’s uneasy listening, but hell it just rocks."

There you go! Direct download is here (link at top of the page), Mixcloud (who put the c*nt in c*ntent recognition) stream is here.

See you at 8pm GMT!

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