Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Listening Club - 4th January 2015

Happy new year folks! Hope you all achieved a satisfactory NYE experience, whatever you were up to. Amsterdam went off with a bang as usual (being the only day that folks can set fireworks off, hemhem), and boy am I ever glad of this lil' old extended weekend for restorative purposes. Can't help feeling all "back to skool" tho, but hey, into the breach and all that...

Last week saw the annual cavalcade of audio awesomeness and drunkenness, the #festivevortex, and, as usual was one of finest, widest ranging selections the one could ask for. Big thanks to everyone for chipping in tunes, tracklist is in the comments of last week's post if you missed it!

Back to our regularly scheduled entertainment, and @FaberFedor is back in the chair, grinning from ear to ear no doubt, as he leans over and says...

"Last time in #listeningclub...

The lovely @eastvanhalen helped closed out the old year with a new album not three months old, then we followed it up with a #festivevortex again, of new songs. 

I've decided to do the opposite (surprise!); I'm starting the New Year with an old album.

Some might call it a classic.

You've all heard this album before (and if you haven't, GTFO), but this time, I want you to really listen to the music; approach this album as if you've never heard it before. It will be difficult, believe me, but if you do, you'll realize that there are subtleties you never really heard before.

Don't sing. Don't tap your foot. Just listen to the music."

Rightyho. Direct download is here, Mixcloud (may well piss on your chips) stream is here.

See you at 8pm GMT!

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