Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Listening Club - 18th January 2015

Howdy folks,

Hope you're all doing swell. Positive energy abounds here in Amsterdam despite the winter freeze after seeing Kraftwerk perform "Radio Activity" last night at the Paradiso as part of their Catalog shows. First time they've played in that venue since 1976, fact fans.... and first time I've seen them with the 3D visuals which are seriously impressive. A phenomenal show, indeed.

Back on planet #lc, as you well know, #vortex discussions were had, and the #twominutesorlessvortex (or #tmolvortex ?) has been decided and will happen next Sunday. So I'm looking for short tunes - as short as you like, but no longer than 120 seconds. As I mentioned on the tweets, if you're going to go for really, really short, then feel free to send a bunch, but try not to go over 4-5 minutes or so in total otherwise I think we'll be risking collective brain-fry...

Last week, oh yeah, it was me with the frisbee, which led to Timber Timbre's ace "Hot Dreams" album, which went down very well indeed, I'm glad to report. Despite not doing much tweeting, the knowledge that @pamac66 was applying brush to canvas through the playback made me smile, so the frisbee was spun in his direction. Happily he accepted, so here he is with this week's intro...

"First off, I feel a bit of a fraud being asked to host Listening Club this week when I hardly contributed to the proceedings last week. I was listening (honest) and loved EC's pick but I was too busy to tweet - sorry.

But, hey, it's not often I get to listen at all on a Sunday these days. As for setting one - it seems an annual event for me.

So, what have I chosen for you?

When I heard that I was setting this week I knew straight away which album I would pick. It's been on my phone for ages and I love it. It's by a group of DJs/musicians/producers based in Washington DC. But, in doing a bit of research about them I found some mixes that they've put together. I'm currently going through these mixes and when I heard this one I thought you'd all love it too.

My last couple of picks have been hit and miss affairs so hopefully this'll go down better. Enjoy."

Okaydoke. Direct download is here (link at top of the page), Mixcloud (may well say nasty things about your mother) stream is here.

See you at 8pm GMT!

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    Weed Bag - Wayne Marshall
    My House - Sono Rhizmo'
    The Champions - Bas Lexter
    El O'Man Boogaloo (Skeewiff Remix) - Omegaman
    Slammin' Track - Freddy Fresh
    Soul Bossa Nova Theme (Flavours Remix) - Qunicy Jones
    I Got Soul - Skeewiff
    Twist The Line - Mashed Up Funk
    Travelin' Shoes (Thornato Remix) - Golden Gate Quartet
    Frango Assado - DJ Farrapo & Yanez
    Shake - J-Roc
    Real Steel (Fort Knox Five Remix) - See-I