Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Listening Club - 30th November 2014

Now then, alreet there, how's it all going?
It's all going a bit Christmas here, cats eating tinsel, boy eating baubles, wife shopping and me grumbling cos it's still only fucking November. I trust you all managed not to punch anyone over a discount and avoided any Black Friday free for alls? That said a few have been quiet so maybes still in the clink.

So, last week, was me (@jonnydapigg) with the excellent DJ Food and DK with mix and match effort that is Now, Listen! which I think went down rather well (maybes not the softer ending though, but hey, it had Spock reading Ray Bradbury in amongst some funky beats, what more could you really ask for). Next week sees the return of @faberfedor to the hot seat, but he must wait as first we have business to attend.

Yes indeedy it is time for #herematyoureallyneedtohearthistrackvortex or #HMYRNTHTTV if you so desire. So best warn the neighbours, put the cat out, make sure the dog is feeling safe as I think this one may get a little loud. For now we are metaphorically elbowing our way to the hi-fi to grab the attention of everyone at the party, "Here, mate..."

Your download link can be found here, and should you wish to use the services of mixcloud, head here. I shall post the tracklist in the comments at the end.

Note: Returning to the helm next week is Mr Kleptone so if any of you wish to delete the nudes you've been sending me through the twitter account, I've screenshot them all (double in some cases!!!) so help yourselves.


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  1. Intro, primal scream - loaded/speech gen/monster squad
    The Rat by the Walkmen @thejayarr
    The Big Come Down by Nine Inch Nails @mrhig
    Private First Class by Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band @rougeforever
    River of Heaven by James Blackshaw @nessiest
    Someone You Use by Candi Staton @samsmitter
    Let's Do It A Dada by Einsturzende Neubauten @kleptones
    Wham City by Dan Deacon @JimMcCauley
    Handshaker by Martyn Bennett and Martin Lowe @mutster101
    Beside The Fountain by Handsomeboy Technique @akx
    TOODOO by Mr Oizo (feat. Carmen Castro) @jonnydapigg
    Velocet Vir Nesat by Eat Lights Become Lights @cdrose_writer
    Outro, oliver/george carlin
    Donkey by Los Beta @kleptones