Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Listening Club - 5th October 2014

Greetings and salutations!

@JimMcCauley here for the last time until, well, next time @kleptones goes off on his travels, I imagine. Summer's giving it a last hurrah here in Bath and I've pretty much shaken off the last of my hangover from my Friday night leaving drinks; much alcohol consumed and shit talked, and I spent most of yesterday feeling completely dreadful yet pleasingly short on remorse. (Cheeky aside: need a freelance writer? Get in touch!)

Last week! Oh yes, last week. Whether it was songs you love by bands you hate, or just the one song you like by a particular band, last week's #sylbbyhvortex was a troll-tastic assortment of tunes that provoked plenty of internet rage and the very real threat of the lot of us leaving in a huff. All the best of friends again in the showers afterwards, though, so well done, all.

(We should get thinking about this month's vortex, now; are we going to do something Halloween-related or is last year's Scary as Fuck Vortex too much to top? Have a bit of a ponder.)

And so to @akx with this week's selection. Take it away, Aarni!

"Hello, hello!

So! I originally had a couple options lined up for this week's pick, but then I started second-guessing myself and picked a couple more for a shortlist (after my thought of making a mixtape was shot down  on good grounds, too, mind). Then I began having trouble deciding which of those to pick, so I ended up just choosing this one, which was my first option to begin with. So it goes.

So yeah, (shortly  I'm not good with this blurb thing) about this particular pick! I came across this album some months back and more or less immediately figured "yeah, this might be interesting to play for the LC massive", so here we are.

Oh, and it's not avant-garde black metal, sorry @samsmitter."

Right right! Direct download is here, Mixcloud (and we all know about Mixcloud and song titles by now, don't we?) link is here.

See you at 8PM! BST! (And if you want to ensure you start bang on time, this is a good place to synchronise watches.)

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