Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Listening Club - 26th October 2014

Greetings to you all,

Hope you're doing fine. A gentle weekend here in Amsterdam for a change, partially due to a cancelled gig, but a good opportunity to recharge batteries, make plans, and pop down the road for a few random Belgian beers. All well and good.

Meanwhile, last week, @andershanson was in the chair, sending out "Feel It Break" by Austra, to a warm response from the assembled. Many thanks to Anders for the pick, and for flipping the frisbee across to @mrhig for next week's selection.

But now.... wowzers, it's time to reveal the wonders of the #exquisitecorpsevortex! Yes, 16 tracks, each connected to the one before by one of our selectors to create one mighty Frankenstein's monster of a hive-mind mixtape (see this post for the full explanation of how it came together, too lazy to type it all out again). This is about as wide-ranging a selection as we've ever had, not surprisingly, but does it flow? Hang on to your pants, folks, we're about to find out...

Direct download is here and the Mixcloud (let's see how many of these it recognises, eh?) link is here.

Clocks have changed here in Europeland, so see you at 8pm GMT!


  1. 01 Mulatu Astatqé - Yèkèrmo Sèw

    @kleptones - "Turned on BBC Radio 6 to find a random starter tune, this was playing. Amazing, as myself and @nessiest had seen him play this live the week before."

    02 Rhos Male Voice Choir - Myfanwy

    @mrhig - "Almost the first line on the Wikipedia article of Mulatu mentions that (having been born in Ethiopia) he was sent to Wales as a child to study. Engineering I think. It was such an intriguing choice for a place to send a child that I thought my pick should be really, really Welsh. Also Myfanwy was played at my Dad's funeral."

    03 Georgia Ruth - Codi Angor

    @JimMcCauley - "It's a Welsh language thing, a mood thing and a thematic thing; I think a sea shanty follows on nicely from the gloomy breakupness of Myfanwy, and a female voice is a nice contrast to the male voice choir."

    04 Liam Finn - Energy Spent

    @nessiest - "I associate things mostly through how they make me feel, and this song has
    the same slightly yearning quality as the previous one, plus both have a
    watery, homesick feel."

    05 Joan Armatrading - Down To Zero

    @samsmitter - "I was reminded of this when listening to the song you sent me, possibly something in the chord changes, dunno. Then there was a neat parallel between the song names as well. (AND it is an awesome song that everyone should have..)"

    06 Coconut Records - West Coast


    [✓] Mood-matic
    [✓] B2B-o-matic
    [✓] Key-o-matic (Bb major)
    [✓] Darn good tune
    [✓] It was also the first song came to me while listening to Down To Zero.

    07 Guillemots - Trains To Brazil

    @holette - "It could have gone into the missing you maudlin territory after the last one but I've chosen to pick up on the euphoric, chuck everything at it feeling. This track has it in spades. Once downloaded the lyrics and tried to sing along to it when drunk with a friend. It's actually quite a complex melody and we made a right old mauling of it. But then so did Guillemots themselves when I saw them live. Maybe they were drunk too."

    08 Nat King Cole - (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66

    @mutster101 - "OK, I have three different ways of linking the two songs. The two things I picked up getting the track were the title having a travel theme, and the brass in it. As it turns out the track I've picked didn't have as much brass to it as I remembered (blink and you miss it), so let's forget that one, even though brass is automatically associated with jazz. So, there is the travel theme, which is a good theme to pick up on since I'm about to go off travelling. Or, in the style of the Tedious Link on the Chris Moyles drive time show... Musically the track I was sent reminded me of Valerie by Amy Winehouse.
    Steve Winwood also recorded a track called Valerie. And he recorded a track called Higher Love. Depeche Mode also did a track called Higher Love AND they covered the track I'm sending. Tenuous and complex, but that's part of the fun :)"

  2. 09 David Ford - Song For The Road (Live Studio Version)

    @rougeforever - "Route 66 is all about seeking adventure on the highway - Song For The Road is for those of us who already know that happiness and adventure lies at home."

    10 The Beatles - You Know What To Do

    @jonnydapigg - "Purely dj'ing the mixtape here, perking up the tempo from the previous track a little while maintaining a nice chilled vibe. as soon as i heard the track i knew the intro of this would fit the end nicely. also this song is pure mixtape material, lovely little memorable number that no one really knows (even though it's the beatles)."

    11 Franz Ferdinand - 11 Do You Want to (Pom Pom Glam Re-Edit)

    @cakehugga - "The song I was sent is "You know what to do" so I went with a song which started with the word Do- which made me think of "Do you want to?" by Franz Ferdinand. It always gets me dancing / stomping around the dancefloor. Catchy. I've chosen the "Pom Pom Glam Re-edit" which Jaye did for a friends 40th birthday. Has a nice build on it."

    12 The Knack - My Sharona

    @cdrose_writer - "Not an inspired choice, perhaps, but just sooo obvious..."

    13 Big Star - Thirteen

    @eastvanhalen - "Chased a bunch of blind alleys, arrived at a happily perverse follow-up - Big Star's Thirteen, isn't that perfectly creepy in context?"

    14 Foghat - Slow Ride

    @emmaprice - "The previous track strangely triggered memories of the film Dazed & Confused which is where my track is from. Haven't seen the film in many years so I think a rewatch is now on the cards."

    15 Solex Vs. Christina Martinez + Jon Spencer - Racer X

    @saucer - "reason: irony."

    16 The Montgolfier Brothers - Journey's End

    @kleptones - "As there were a considerable number of travelling songs picked, this seemed the most appropriate of the dozen or so songs I own with this title to finish with."