Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Listening Club - 19th October 2014

Hello hello,

Fine weekend here in Amsterdam, hope you're all doing okay - Yesterday's freakish warmth (22°C) and sun brought out pretty much everyone in town and provided a lovely backdrop to the Stedelijk Museum's Alvin Lucier festival - a bucket list achievement for me to see the man himself (a very well preserved 83) perform "I Am Sitting In A Room", which blew my tiny mind when I discovered it on late night radio as an early teen. Meanwhile the rest of the city has been throbbing to a 4-4 pulse, as the annual Amsterdam Dance Event goes off all around, and the city's hipster quotient consequently goes through the roof for a few days.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the #exquisitecorpsevortex experiment - we're six tunes in, and ten more to go, so if you can turn your choices around as quick as possible it would be very much appreciated! I've avoided listening to what's coming in, but going by the names and reasons for choice, this is going to be quite an impressive beast when it's completed - can't wait to play it all back next Sunday!

Last week, @JonnyDaPigg was in the chair, and hit everyone with Kate Tempest's "Everybody Down" to almost overwhelmingly positive effect - many thanks to Jonny for the pick, and for pushing @AndersHanson back into the front line for this week - and here he is with the pre-match...

"Just two months after my debut pick for Listening Club, the baton has been handed to me yet again.  After rummaging through my albums (if rummaging is something that's possible to do in iTunes) I ended up settling on the album that was the runner-up the first time round.

This band I discovered once again through an iTunes free single, but after my first listen it was forgotten and just languished in the dusty recesses of my laptop before I rediscovered it late last year when I then played it obsessively for several weeks, found the full album and then listened to that obsessively too.  

It's a bit electronic, a bit dreamy, very synthy, with a bit of pop, some theatrical vocals and with some dark moody beats thrown in.  With every listen I discover something new."

Direct download is here and the Mixcloud (doomy gloomy song title warning) link is here.

See you at 8pm BST!

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