Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Listening Club - 7th September 2014

Well, hello!

@JimMcCauley at the controls again, because @kleptones is in That London to worship at the altar of the blessed Saint Kate. I'm not at all utterly consumed by jealousy. Just as long as he doesn't rub it in by going to see her again or anything. It's FINE.

So! Last week saw the #onehitwondervortex, and not only was it very sweet and extremely short, it somehow managed to avoid chucking up Joe Dolce, Clive Dunn or even Renée and Renato. Well done, all. And so to @cdrose_writer with this week's pick:

"Seeing as several Listening Clubbers are off drinking overpriced lager out of plastic cups and getting soaked by the rain while watching some wonky-haired dweebs chugging through mud and appalling sound this weekend (jealous? me? ha!), I picked tonight’s selection hoping it might replicate a festival vibe for those of us lucky enough to be stuck at home in our living rooms. Hm.

It comes from a label whose highly distinctive aesthetic I have loved, but has perhaps become slightly self-restrictive of late.  This, however, the third record from the band but their first on this label is a warm breeze through hauntological furrows. 

I’ll say no more, other than to warn the faint-hearted that there is a 12-minute wig out at one point, during which you might want to put the kettle on, nip to the loo, out for a fag, or even as far as your corner shop for a refill (though you may miss the spoken word cameo by a Hollywood A-lister...)

Drink recommendation: caipirinha (with a twist of something lysergic)."

Tidy. Download is here (download link at the top of the page) and the Mixcloud stream (blah blah song titles) is here!

See you at 8pm BST (GMT+1)!

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