Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Listening Club - 14th September 2014

What ho,

Indian Summer in full effect here in A-dam, hoping it's sunny where you are also. Been a couple of action packed weekends since I last saw you, last week taking in the mighty Kate Bush show (truly, truly magnificent, and yes, I am going again next weekend, sorry Jim), the new Gilbert & George exhibition (also excellent, it's free, go see if you're in London), some quality Dalston Turkish breakfasts, and some cracking slices of Yacht Rock action at The Social in the company of @nessiest, @cakehugga and @emmaprice. This weekend has seen a flying lunchtime visit here in the 'Dam from @dingster, some awesome psych-rock grooves in the Melkweg from Action Beat and Al Lover, and ended up with a late night boat cruise around the least touristy areas of the town's canals. Oh and beer. Plenty of it. Phew and wow. Glad of a chill day today for sure...

Last week, @cdrose_writer was in the chair, and spaced us all with the way out lounge stylings of "Entropicalia" by The Soundcarriers. Many thanks to him for the fine pick and for flipping the frisbee across to @mutster101. Will he throw another cat amongst the pigeons after last time's Lana Del Rey marathon? Only one way to find out...

"So there I was minding my own business, easing myself back into the business of twitter after a month's break, and before I know it I'm holding the frisbee again. In a week's time it's the anniversary of my first pick, which is largely irrelevant but I'm mentioning it anyway.

I was ever so ever so tempted to go with a certain album that magically appeared in my iTunes this week, which for the record I have not listened to, but then I figured that would be funny for about 30 seconds and then just be low-grade trolling.

So instead... this is the first time I've had a pretty clear idea of what album to do before the weekend. I discovered this artist in the same way that I discovered the artist in my last pick (yes, THAT one), ie, via the iTunes free single of the week. While in this case it didn't lead to obsessive listening, it was once again something a little outside of my normal wheelhouse that I took a liking to. I promise that this time it's just one CD, hehe.

Oh, and I'm teetotal, but if I wasn't: bourbon on the rocks (probably)."

Okaydoke. Download is here (right click save as) and the Mixcloud stream (which may reveal the song titles, as any fule now kno)  is here!

Get yourself along at 8pm (GMT+1), be lovely to see you!

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