Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Listening Club - 24th August 2014

Hey all,

Still summer weather is proving elusive here, small breaks in the cloud now being appreciated with a fervour bordering on the religious. Here's hoping a little normality resumes before we head into autumnal territories. Making good use of the time ahead tho, by planning my little visits to London and Brighton (remember I need #LC sub-captains for 7th Sept, 21st Sept & 5th Oct) and also now aiming for Utrecht's Le Guess Who festival (check this lineup!) in November (another sub required then for 23rd Nov ;). "If in doubt, make plans" seems to be the motto right now...

Also, goddammitt it's that time again - suggestions for next week's #vortex please!

Last week @andershanson took his debut turn in the chair, and treated us all to Paul Thomas Saunders' "Beautiful Desolation", to generally positive reactions. Many thanks to him for the pick, and for flipping the frisbee across to @rougeforever for this week's pick. And here she is...

"The great thing about getting older (as I did a month ago) is that you care a lot less about what people think of you.   I've heard a few people (mainly Listening Club newbies) say that they're a bit self conscious about their choices.   Like the rest of us are going to judge them on their pick.  That if their choice isn't somehow *cool* enough we'll think less of them.   Love me, love my album.

Music is a very personal thing.  Particularly if you're as keen on it as some of us LC folk.   It soothes us after a hard day, sits with us in moments of despair and provides the backdrop to the most important moments in our lives  (what was the first dance at your wedding?   What do you want played at your funeral?) 

What we choose to share with Listening Club does say a lot about us.   Particularly if we choose a record which has enormous significance to us.

My choice this week is my favourite record of all time.  Some of you will know it word for word, some of you won't ever have heard it.

This record has been with me since 1987.  I was 19 and in my second undergrad year in London.   A friend had a tape... and then it became *my* record and over the last twenty-something years it has acted as mother, brother, secret lover.

I could talk about the chords which are slightly askew,  the soaring vocals or how it contains some of the best words ever written about a relationship breaking down.    

Or I could just say, this is my favourite record of all time.   You're welcome to judge me.   I'm 46, I don't give a fuck."

Right then. Download is here (download link at the top of the page, thanks Google for the redesign) and the Mixcloud stream (which may reveal the song titles, you have been warned)  is here!

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