Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Listening Club - 10th August 2014

Well hello there,

Bit of a weatherbeaten week here in the Dam, sounds like similar is happening across the vicinity, seeing stories of waterlogged and windswept festivals. Ah, the north European summer eh? Gotta love it, if only to provide some small talk for these intros when my mind goes blank, innit? Hoping the weather clears up by Wednesday night, or our intended outdoor viewing of Nick Cave's "20,000 Days On Earth" may not be as joyful as expected... *crosses fingers*

Last week, oh my, @JimMcCauley was in the chair, and channelled the musical wisdom of the much-missed @jayesofine to bring us Spacemen 3's final album "Recurring". A definite Sunday night space-out for sure, big thanks to Jim for the wise pick, and for flipping the frisb across to @holette, who's here with the intro...

"I find most of the new music I like from listening to 6music. I love getting a moment when I hear a track for the first time and all of a sudden the washing up, or the making tea or whatever I'm doing suddenly stops, my ears tune in and I just think who was THAT?

Maybe it's a monster riff that's caught my ear, a clever lyric, or an unusual vocal, but it's something I can't place and want to hear more of. I had one of those moments with this artist earlier in the year, got the album and have been urging friends to listen or catch the live dates since.  No one's been disappointed and a couple of fellow Listening clubbers have already been converted...think they had to be escorted away tipsy and a bit giggly from artist's presence at a gig....

My favourite couple of tracks are 3 or 4 in, but all of them have something that I hope you'll find resonates with you.  Listen carefully, there's some cheeky lines mixed up in those sweet melodies!"

Reety-ho. Download is here (download link at the top of the page, thanks Google for the redesign) and the Mixcloud stream (which may reveal the song titles, you have been warned)  is here!

See you at 8pm BST (GMT+1)!

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