Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Listening Club - 2nd March 2014

Greetings to you all, hope you're getting on and getting by...

Amsterdam is looking quite splendid at the moment, another sunny weekend bringing out surprise and shock on the faces of both residents and tourists expecting grey gloom. Could this really be spring already? Lawksalordy I hope so...

Last Sunday, as well y'all know, twas the #drinkingvortex, and a seriously tasty concoction it was too, some fine and unexpected treats there for sure - many thanks to all who contributed, as always - great fun!

Back to modern times, we find @eastvanhalen dealing with plenty real-life-situation stuff, but (bless her cottons) managing to find time to pick out something for us all. And here she is with the intro...

"A half dozen years or so ago I made a three-entry band/artist bucket list, and this band was on it. Though considered a cult band, they aren't particularly obscure. Nor are they inaccessible, favouring the kind of smart, gleefully melodic, guitar-driven songs that people will variously insist are power pop, punk/pop, or plain old rock. They feel very West Coast to me: part sunny California power pop, part LA hardcore. You can headbang and harmonize to them at the same time, which is a surefire route to my musical heart.

I know our esteemed host likes this band, and some of the cohort likely have heard this record, but given that they're a West Coast phenomenon I suspect folks across the Atlantic might not know them so well.

Hope you all enjoy."

Okaydoke. Download is here, and the Mixcloud stream (which may reveal the track titles, you have been warned)  is here!

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Hope to see you tonight at 8pm GMT!

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