Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Listening Club - 20th October 2013

Greetings to you all,

Another early typing session for me, racking up the #LC business on a Saturday early evening before I head out into the crazier than usual Amsterdam streets. It's ADE this week (that's Amsterdam Dance Event, if you didn't know), which means tons of networking muso types flashing laminates left, right and centre, and world-famous DJs lurking everywhere you look. Last night twas was bobbing till daybreak to a most excellent soundtrack (including Rustie, Martyn and Jackmaster, if you're interested), and will be doing the same again tonight (getting down to disco with Kon and Maurice Fulton), so lets get this tapped out whilst there's still braincells in rotation, eh?

Timely announcement time, next week is #vortex week, so, being close to that Halloween thing, rather than asking you for token cheesy seasonal selections, behold the #scaryasfuckvortex! That's right, what we want from you this time is the scariest tune you can think of - the one that really, really freaks you out. And not just because it's shite, m'kay? Get your choices in ASAP, and join in next week with a seriously stiff drink at hand and a pillow to hide behind for the results!

Last week, indeedy, @emmaprice rocked and rolled everyone with "Diary Of A Soul Fiend" by Saint Jude. Bit of a split response, but on the whole positive I think, which is grand. Many thanks to Emma for the pick, and for digging up the vampirical @jimmccauley to get back in the (coffin-shaped) chair this week. And here he is...

"It's just musical sensationalism. You do something big on the stage and a thousand geezers sort of go, "Ah!"

This may well be my favourite band, and it’s one that I took a while to warm to. They’re a little divisive. They released two great albums while pulling in ever-increasing crowds with blinding live shows, then a difficult third and something of a them-by-numbers fourth, by which time they were struggling a bit and fewer people we showing up at gigs. This, their fifth, is given a boost by the addition of a new band member and sounds rather different to their earlier albums; bigger and a little older and wiser, but still shot through with dark humour and wordplay that makes my writing gland tingle. It doesn't quite have the raw energy of the first two albums, but it has enough great tunes to make it worth digging out every now and then.

I reckon there’s a good chance of some of you recognising the lead singer’s distinctive tones straight away and being all, oh, fucking hell, it’s them. They have that effect on some. But that’s all part of the fun. It’s a bit of an exercise in indie pop contrarianism, but it’s also me wearing my heart on my sleeve and playing a band I love rather than a safe choice. So: enjoy! Or don’t! I won’t mind.


Awesomesauce. Direct download is here, Mixcloud stream (which may well reveal the track titles, you have been warned!) is here!

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Hope to see you tonight at 8pm BST/EST (GMT+1)!

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