Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Listening Club - 22nd September 2013

Greetings, hope you're all doing well.

Enjoying some fragments of an Indian Summer here in A-dam, which is most pleasant indeed, I must say. Still enough stormy showers to make me start reaching for the winter cookbook, so now that there's a hearty stew bubbling away on the stove, off we go...

...To a bit of indecision, unfortunately - I'd be announcing next week's #vortex around now, but we seem to be stuck in a bit of nonplussedness - Three suggestions for a vortex have popped up from your good selves: Floor-Fillers, Kryptonite tunes (i.e. most hated) and Guilty Pleasures, but none seem to have taken root within the consensus and I'm reluctant to force one through, so hoping that a decision can be reached during this week's session, otherwise it might be worth letting it lie until a good idea comes along? Comments, suggestions welcome as always...

Anyhoo, last week @morecheerful stepped up to the plate for her debut, and delivered unto you all the soulful twang of Valerie June's "Pushin' Against A Stone" which definitely satisfied a good number of you. Big thanks to @morecheerful for the pick, and for nominating another debutant, @mutster101 for this week. And here he is with the intro...

"The prospect of choosing an album was a terrifying one at first, but not long after last weekend's listen I had three albums going around my head as potential choices. And then it turned out there was a very obvious choice that was none of them.

To describe this album in the most pretentious way possible, let's say that it's a musical Large Hadron Collider that takes two seemingly disparate genres and smashes them together so that we can study the results. The results will almost certainly be controversial, and I'll be amazed if you like every single one. That said, there are a variety of results to choose from and I'm hopeful that there is something for everyone.  So let's don our white coats and safety goggles and scrutinise what has been created for us."

Reet! Direct download is here (right click save as, it's one long mp3), Mixcloud stream (which may well reveal the track titles, you have been warned!) is here!

Search #listeningclub to see what's going on, and follow@listeningclub for the admin.

Hope to see you tonight at 8pm BST/EST (GMT+1)!

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