Sunday, 28 April 2013

Listening Club - 28th April 2013

Salutations listereenos.

Hope all is good in your necks of the wood. Life is considerably better here, partially because of the more consistent appearance of that ol' fiery ball in the sky, but moreso because of the appearance of a couple of vibrating wood, rubber and plastic boxes in the homestead. Yep, that's right, the boy's got his speakers back, and my word is it a grand thing. A full delivery of vibrating air particles makes Eric a very happy boy, thus allowing me to prime myself for the upcoming Dutch celebrations. Yep, the biggest holiday on the Netherlander calendar, Queen's Day, is on Tuesday, given a major boost as the current Queen is abdicating, and her son is taking over. The whole city is slowly turning orange in preparation, so all I can do is stock my fridge, perch on my stoop with a beer, and watch the madness unfold. Should be interesting, to say the least...

Back in LC-land, @EastVanHalen smacked a puck of power pop straight into the back of the net with her choice of The New Pornographers "Twin Cinema". A fine choice, and well appreciated by the faithful. Thanks to her for the pick, and for sending that puck yonder to @SamSmitter for this week's pick - over to Sam for the pre-match...

"I had to chuckle recently when I heard a teenager say they wished they had been around in the eighties, “because of all the awesome music”. When I was a teenager in the eighties, my friends and I took the view that we were living through a kind of musical Dark Ages, and – aside from the odd bit of shoegazing to the Smiths or Jesus & Mary Chain, or pretending not to feel intimidated at Public Enemy concerts – we mainly listened to music from previous eras. The 1960s and 1970s both seemed like distant golden ages to us ... the equivalent of being nostalgic for 2003 today. Maybe it is an illusion, but it seemed like music moved more quickly in those days, with whole eras and subcultures coming and going in the time that the average modern artist takes between albums.

Anyway, my choice this week is nostalgia for nostalgia ... a compilation I bought during the eighties of music from an earlier decade. Originally only available as a cassette, which you had to send off for (there may even have been coupons involved), it has since been released on CD and other formats. Its one of those albums that I bought at the age of 16, listened to approximately 5 billion times, such that every note and every flaw is etched into my memory forever. Most of the artists and some of the songs will be familiar, one or two a little more obscure. I hope you enjoy it ..."

Splendid stuff. Dropbox download is here, Mixcloud stream (which may well reveal the track titles) is here.

Search #listeningclub to see what's going on, and follow@listeningclub for the admin.

Hope to see you tonight at 8pm BST/EST (GMT+1)!

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