Sunday, 3 February 2013

Listening Club - 3rd Febuary 2013

Hey up you lot,

Happy third of the second to you all - not much to report here by way of an intro, have popped back over to the UK for the weekend for a little party, will be zooming back in a couple of hours and taking my hangover with me!

Digging back to last week, @MonkeyTypes was in the spotlight, and offered up Tim Fite's "Aint Aint Aint", which went down rather well indeed - Thanks to him for the pick and for pushing the light over in the direction of @jayesofine, who has this to say about this week's selection...

"Preamble: This band was once another band.
That band became one of my favourite bands, releasing amazing jump up rock out numbers the tail end of the Naughties that got me excited about guitar bands again. I kept missing them live but read of their reputation of being a blistering confrontational live act. I waited 4 years for an album and a headline tour to experience that reputation for myself. Then the news came, they were releasing their debut for free but they were also splitting up. That album made my 2010. I played it constantly until it’s become an all-time favourite. Such a bitter sweet ending to such a great band.

Ramble: That was the past, the future is now.
Almost the instant this band split up they began a new project, shifting music styles and became something quite different. They kept their lyrical madness and ferocious live reputation but now have 2 drummers, they’ve been known to up that to 4!?! Have I told you I love drums?

This time round I got to see them play in a tiny, tiny Manchester pub in the Northern Quarter at the end of 2011. There were roughly 12 of us including the band in that room but that didn’t stop me from having one of the most amazing live experiences ever! It was a rapturous and at the same time quite scary experience, the singer was not gonna let anyone not enjoy themselves to the maximum, throwing himself and most of the audience members around. He commanded that we have fun and we did!

Their album has been released recently and it’s everything I hoped it would be. It touches on so many genres of music but at all times insists that you contort your body into crazy shapes and throw it around until you’re spent.  Apparently it’s great to drive round really fast shouting the lyrics at the top of your voice to, so a friend tells me, ah-hem… 

So tonight, my Listening Club comrades I ask that you play this album on your biggest beefiest bassiest speakers (yes there will be bass) or a really good set of headphones, dim the lights, stick on your disco lights if you have any, maybe invite some open minded friends, family members or pets and join me for a very MAXIMAL body moving experience!

PS. I’ve zipped up this bands album from when they were the other band and included it in the package too. They gave it away free and as I had planned to have it as a Listening Club album at some point you can listen to it at your leisure. I hope you enjoy that too.  

Wowsers! There you go... Download is here (direct Dropbox link), or the Mixcloud stream is here!

Search #listeningclub to see what's going on, and follow@listeningclub for the admin!

Hope to see you at 8pm GMT!

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