Sunday, 24 February 2013

Listening Club - 24th February 2013

Happy Hi to you all,

Another early tapped out intro for me, as I'm off tonight to finally check out Amsterdam's two most well known venues, who both happen to have concurrently excellent events this (Saturday) evening... First will be to the Melkweg for an open house mixed bag event of bands, DJs, gallery shows, cinema, theatre and comedy - New York's most excellent Budos Band are in the lineup, so regardless of what else is on, I'll be delightedly cutting an afro-funk rug for at least an hour... Then onwards to the Paradiso, for the main show of the city's Sonic Acts festival, featuring amongst others, The Bug, Coki, Dean Blunt of Hype Williams and Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic. Yup, electronics of the weird and heavy variety will abound, and minds will be most likely blown. I'm thoroughly looking forward to it, and not sure how wobbly I'll be tomorrow, so getting this ready to go in advance seems a sensible move, no?

Anyhoo, last week @JimMcCauley was in the driver's seat, and took us all to a most unusual land, courtesy of Serafina Steer's "The Moths Are Real" - A welcome place to be, and a grand contrast to the last few weeks of noise pollution. Thanks to Jim for the choice, and (after a little to-ing and fro-ing) for directing the frisbee of love to @NeilPBardhan for his debut #LC selection. Over to Neil for the intro...

"Hi Listeners!

I found the frisbee in my lap earlier this week and realized that all my vague thoughts over the past few months of 'What would I pick, if I had the chance?' hadn't come to any grand conclusions! I went through a couple rounds of selections, consulted with a mathematician,  and finally settled on one of my all-time favorite albums that just carries me through life, over & over again. It's really never been clear to me how well-known this group is, nor do I remember at this point how I first heard them. Likely even if you've only heard of them, this earlier disc may be new to you unless you've hit their live shows... And, to qualify further, even then, it's not always clear 'what's what' to fans like myself, who can just get lost in it all!

And, should I end up re-frisbeed in the future, I think I've got a few other choices up my digital record sleeve that you might enjoy."

Jolly good! Dropbox download is here, and Mixcloud stream here!

Looking forward to it - see you at 8pm GMT!

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