Sunday, 17 February 2013

Listening Club - 17th February 2013

Greetings and salutations!

Hope all is going well for you all - Things not exactly tickety-boo here, as I've been without internet for the last day or two - much scurrying about has been done by official types, and a general plethora of turning-things-off-and-then-turning-them-back-on-again, so I'm hoping that someone manages to fix it soon for rather obvious reasons, otherwise I'll be off to find an internet caff to try and get this down the pipes to you all in good time for this evening. If you're reading this then obviously one way or another I have succeeded! Huzzah!!!

Succeed also didst fair @holette last week, although with the distorto-might of My Bloody Valentine's platter-du-jour, "MBV" at her side who would dare stop her? Not any of the #LC regulars that was for sure. A fine pick indeed - thanks to @holette for going for the road more travelled for once (a rarity in #LC land as any fule kno), and for sailing the frisbee across to yonder @JimMcCauley. And here he is with the intro...

"You should always go with your instinct. Last time round I knew straight away what I wanted to pick, then panicked a bit and changed my mind talked myself into something else and it all ended up going a bit prog. Not quite sure how that happened, really. This time I knew straight away what I was going to pick, panicked a bit the next morning, then had a bit of a think and told my panicking self to shit off.

This is a bit of a new one; the result of one of those chance hearings on the radio. One of those occasions when you hear a song and something about it grabs you from the off; and so five minutes later you own the album. This album probably shouldn’t be my thing; I don’t want to say too much but it’s a bit singer-songwritery and a bit folky and a bit trendy East London. But it has me thoroughly besotted; it’s made up of interesting and unlikely elements that fit together very pleasantly indeed, and it makes up about half of my preferred listening at the moment – the other half being last week’s My Bloody Valentine album.
And after last week’s excellent raucousness this ought to contrast nicely. Enjoy!"

Well there you have it... Dropbox download is here, and Mixcloud stream here!

Looking forward to it - see you at 8pm GMT!

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