Sunday, 14 October 2012

Listening Club - 14th October 2012

Hello to you all!

Back to normality here after a particularly frenzied Bootie London on Friday, which brought out a fine selection of familiar faces (including a mini-LC meetup), most of whom I didn't get time to say more than a fleeting "hello" to as usual... pleased with the turn out and the response though, and I definitely needed to cut loose a bit after yet another week of slog, trying to find a new home without having to sign off rights to my eternal soul. Big city living, huh?

Anyhoo, cast your minds back to last week, when @Jayesofine delivered unto us all Whitey's "Canned Laughter", which, tweet-for-tweet, saw one of the funniest LC experiences to date. Not sure if the planets just happened to be perfectly aligned, or Whitey's oddball clash of perky melodies and bedsit ennui tickled our collective funny-bones, but that was a right hoot. Thanks to Jaye for the pick, and, after a serious period of deliberation, selecting @RebelDiamond7 for this week's choice. Over to her for the preamble...

"It is with some trepidation that I am holding in my sweaty grasp the listening club Frisbee...

It seems my last choice of Foxy Shazam was not loved or dare I say even liked by all – not the point of Listening Club I know; but still, my love for Foxy is so deep that I dragged the weight of this load around like a bag of bricks... I jest of course, but I’m sure we all would like others to enjoy / respect / appreciate what we love as much as we do. Like introducing a new pal to a group of friends and wanting them to find this new addition to the group as witty and loveable as we find them. That’s basically it in a nutshell I think. But with that in mind (and I don’t need to say this but...) don’t hold back! Say what you think – it’s great to have an evening tweeting about such a diverse selection of music whilst most of the nation is sat in front of their TV’s watching puppets and victims - like a musical version of The Running Man.

So here is my latest sacrificial offering up to the Listening Club alter. I’ve said it before but I reckon compared to many of you Listening Clubbers I’m pretty mainstream / vanilla if you will ... in my music taste – ahem... (Although that said, I did learn about red and black handkerchiefs last week thanks to @Jayesofine...)  I like guitars, drums, interesting lyrics and unique voices. Lyrics often feed that into my art which is very music related so I hold onto them quite tightly.

So to the band; they are a band! A three piece – I always think that looks good on stage. I adore them. I’ve seen them live a few times and they just get better and better. They are just so flipping intense, vital and tight. They totes get me going. Proper guitar porn, with some slick and greasy riffs.
So for your delectable pleasure on the menu this evening we have some nice big, sweaty, bluesy rock dishes and some less bombastic but nonetheless tantalising, softer ones. Personally, I like the big greasy fat ones the best ;)

Lyrically I think there are some corkers but I’ll let you decide that...

I do hope you enjoy at least one track on here. I particularly favour 1, 2 and 4. But 7 is pretty hot stuff too. Hell who am I kidding! I love them all!"

Okay, there you go. Download is here (WeTransfer link) or you can listen via Mixcloud here (in a playlist this time, so just click the green "Play All" button and it should work!)

Start time, as always, is 8pm BST (GMT+1). Search #listeningclub to see what's going on, and follow@listeningclub for the admin.

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