Sunday, 22 July 2012

Listening Club - 22nd July 2012

Hello there,

Mighty fine day to you! The sun has finally showed it's face here in London for more than a five minute stretch, and so a day of lounging in the park beckons, providing, of course, it isn't still off limits after the "transportable fiery thing for the huge sporting event that one dares not mention for fear of a lawsuit" passed through my neighbourhood yesterday...

And lounging in a park was exactly what I was doing this time last week also, watching Paul Simon & Co play Graceland in Hyde Park and absolutely loving it. Listening Club IRL? You couldn't get much better, believe me... Meanwhile you lot didn't seem to be doing too badly, enjoying @dingsters selection of Beck's "Modern Guilt", and not trashing the place in my absence. All good, then :)

So thanks to @dingster for the pick, and for choosing @jonnydapigg to step into the limelight for this week's choice. Over to him for the pre-match...

"Ooooooh, me again so soon. Well this should be easy, take the album that I had as runner up to the Dub Pistols and bosh, job done, pour a drink and enjoy...

Hmmmm, second place sounds almost a continuation of Dingster's choice, maybe I'll go third or forth choice, but then there's XXXX and not to forget XXXX. This is how it went in my head for a while. So, not one to leave any stoned unturned I filled my vlc player with 8 albums spanning a plethora of bpms and styles, live and studio performances all of which hold some special part in my collection. My final choice stood out amongst all the others, the memories I get from hearing it made it a dead cert from the first bar of track one. This album was introduced to me during that wonderful transitional period of being known as first year university. A darkened room or two, after a couple of bevvies and party favours a pause in the nukleuz records, for track 5 of this beauty. Certainly blows the cobwebs off. An hour and more hard house/techno later back to this album, track 10 (with extended unlisted track 11 finish). Possibly the most beautiful and powerful piece I had ever listened to. It left tingles down my spine, and to this day it still has that effect.

This album has more in it than I have ever expected from one in it's genre, to me it feels like it has a narrative, each song taking me part of the way of a bigger journey rather than a collection of tracks. For me the pick of this band's bunch still, all worth a listen.

Not entirely sure how this one is going to down to be honest, suppose that's the fun of this really.

Cheers and enjoy


Download is here (mediafire link), or you can stream via Mixcloud here.

Start time, as always, is 8pm BST (GMT+1). Search #listeningclub to see what's going on, and follow@listeningclub for the admin.  

See you later!

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