Sunday, 10 June 2012

Listening Club - 10th June 2012

Greetings and salutations,

Hope you're all well and good. Here in England we're settling into the season, knotting waterproof hankies for our heads and enjoying our national summer hobby of cursing football performance / lack of decent weather / jubilee / olympics / beer / asbos / some guy called Jeremy etc. Those bloody people, I tell you, they do my crust in. Cor blimey, where's the skiffle? Etc.

One thing no-one has any reason to complain about is the excellence contained within the albums delivered to Listening Club, because it is Consistently Ov Thee Highest Standarde. And last week's selection of "Six Million Ways To Live" by The Dub Pistols, made by @jonnydapigg was no exception - another fine choice, and a splendidly funky complement to the midst of the Jubilee weekend.

Jonny picked @Monkeytypes to go back in the chair this week, so over to him for the preamble...

"This was an easy choice that I tried to make complicated. Not that I'm complaining. I unearthed some long forgotten gems while deliberating over my selection and had a chuckle at some of the evil I could have unleashed. However, deep down I knew I was going to opt for this.

Recommended by a friend, this marks a transitional period in my life, a time when I changed careers and somehow found myself married. I can remember the novelty of starting a job that allowed me to listen to music and this got played a hell of a lot in those early months.

I don't think I can put into words just how much I love this album so I'm not going to try. Even now there are parts that still give me chills. If you've not heard it before I think around the 2 minute mark you'll be won over.

I hope.

So, sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy a beautiful journey that never quite goes where you expect."

Download link is here, or you can stream the album at Mixcloud here.

Start time, as always, is 8pm BST (GMT+1), search #listeningclub and follow @listeningclub to see what's going on. See you then!

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