Friday, 6 April 2012

Listening Club - 8th April 2012

Hello all!

Well, this is a weird experience - thanks to BT ballsups I have no home Internet, so I'm tapping away on my phone to bring you this, in advance too as I'm off to the Netherlands tomorrow (Saturday) to play my first festival of the season.

Anyway, enough of my grubby little attempts at DJ superstardom, big round of applause is due for @Holette for last weeks selection of "Love Kraft" by the Super Furry Animals. Some of you were already fans (me included) but far less of us were well au fait with the album, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Another grand choice!

And lo, from the multitudinal comments @holette chose to pass the (still fresh but slightly moist) LC baton to @dingster for this weeks pick, so without further ado...

"So...this album is still relatively new to me. I heard this for the first time about a month ago on a Sunday evening, feeling relatively chilled out in a herbal kind of way(!). So it's possible this will be a simple re-enactment of that for me. But with some abuse/banter from you folks to go alongside.

I chose it because my first two choices were albums that have been introduced to me by various people who are a part of this club so thought it best (that for now at least) to choose something they may not have heard before...(but knowing my luck).

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy it and I look forward to the abuse banter on Twitter."

Download the files here (direct link), or stream online at Mixcloud here.

Usual terms and conditions apply. I'll be back from the flatlands to join you all at 8pm BST (GMT +1) and I pray to the many tentacled gods that I never have to tap this out on a phone again!

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