Saturday, 17 March 2012

Listening Club #1 - 18th March 2012

Hello everyone.

Forgive the sparse look, just wanted a simple way to get some info up - this will do for now, will make it look nicer if needs be...

Anyways, welcome to The Listening Club, I'm Eric, and I live here, and it's my honour to kick this into touch.

To quickly explain why I've decided to do this, well, I'll pin the blame on the actual album I'm offering as the instigator! It's a new (2012) compilation album, and not something that I would have chosen to listen to, had it not fallen in my lap. Someone said, do you want a copy of this, so I said, "Yeah, sure, might be fun". I reckoned that I'd like some company to shoot the shit while listening, and a few tweets later... well, here you are.


I have one small apology/explaination to make before playback.

Unfortunately the album that picked itself, and kicked off this whole thing, is far too long to offer to you all in total - I don't want to keep you here till midnight (yeah, it's that long). Truth be told, I thought it was long, but not quite as long as it actually is. (You may have guessed it by now ;)


So.... in the interests of your harmony and sanity, I've edited it down to an hours worth. A shame for me, because I didn't actually want to listen to it before tonight, but needs be. I've dug the (whole) hole, so I should fill it.

Don't worry, it's still worth it.

Now... I've assembled a download here (85MB) for your temporary listening use. I haven't tagged or titled the tracks, so if you're feeling adventurous, and I hope you are, just cue it up and hit play at 8pm GMT (clock here). I think listening blind will make it more fun!

There is a text file included with full details of what you'll be listening to, so if you really really have to know in advance, read it. I'd rather you didn't... but I'm not going to stop you (don't shout it from the rooftops tho, if you do, so others can still play along) - I'd like to keep rules to a minimum, but I prefer blind listening - It's more adventurous, open minded, listen without prejudice etc...  In future weeks, It's up to whoever picks to decide if they want to reveal or not...

Similarly, there's also a Spotify playlist version here if you don't want to download, but obviously you'll see the tracklist!

Either way, it's your choice. Whatever you choose to do, thanks for coming along, give it a try, tweet comments with the #listeningclub hashtag and I hope you're looking forward to the coming selections as much as I am - I can't wait to hear what you all have up your sleeves!

Much love,


PS Obviously, if you have any problems grabbing or opening the file, tweet to @listeningclub - don't post comments here, I won't be looking for them. kthxbai!

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