Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Listening Club - 18th February 2018

Greetings folks,

Hope all is good in your respective hoods. Still shivering here in Amsterdam, although the sun is poking its head out a little more often, which is a lovely thing to watch from indoors, natch. Surprisingly quiet on the gig front also, which is odd for this time of year, although plenty bookings being made for summer fun (still plugging this if anyone fancies a trip over!)...

Last week @mrhig was in the chair, getting atmospheric with his pick of Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross's soundtrack to "The Social Network", which had many folks guessing to the end. Thanks to Matt for the pick, and for sailing the frisb across to @Har_Shone who's here with this week's introduction...

"I’m taking a risk here and picking an album I haven’t had time to listen to much myself since it came out in 2016. I’ve loved this artist since my friend dragged me to see him at the Roundhouse when I was still at university, despite him falling a little outside my usual (Morrissey shaped) wheelhouse. Let’s hope his latest offering is up to the earlier stuff I love, otherwise, boy I’ll have egg on my face."

Direct download is here, and the HearBeSpoilers stream is below:

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Listening Club - 11th February 2018

Greetings folks,

Hope you're all doing fine. Definitely the time of year when my intros get even more repetitive than usual, as Amsterdam maintains its grey freezing exterior, and the weather forecast gleefully predicts more of the same for the forseeable. Le sigh.

Sadness abounds too at the news of the death (at 48!) of Icelandic composer Johann Johannson, best known, I guess, for his soundtracks for films such as Arrival & Theory Of Everything, but there's way more to him than that (check out "The Miners Hymns" and "IBM-1401 A User's Manual" for starters). Such a talented chap, he provided a welcome alternative to a lot of standard film music cliches and zimmer-isms, and will be very much missed...

Last week here on planet #LC, @ohmyliver was in fine form with his pick of the New York Shakespeare Festival's 1976 revival of Brecht & Weill's "The Threepenny Opera", which hit the spot with most of the assembled. Many thanks to him for the pick and for flippint the frisb across to @mrhig, who is right here with this week's intro...

"There are many good reasons why the subject matter of this week’s pick makes a lot of sense in today’s climate.

Like; with the erosion of norms regarding holding office, it’s no longer necessary to have any military service behind you, nor public service at any level, for any length of time, to attain the highest of offices, the leader of the free world. So expect him to be running in 2024, if not in 2020.

Like; he was there at the beginning of the real fake news, before the term was co-opted, repurposed, drained of all meaning. Fake news meant something (and that something wasn’t something good), and he was there as it catapulted in the mainstream, a bit player at least, if not in large part responsible for its propagation. News used to be beholden to standards and rigour; now it’s just about clicks, and a lot of it isn’t even real news.

Like; this whole thing started with the objectification and humiliation of women. Way before Incel, cucks, red pills; way before SJWs, before Gamergate, before doxing, before the alt reich; sorry, I mean Alt Right. Someone was Deplorable right from the start. Washington was built on a swamp; the unsteady house was built on foundations of sand; a global empire, the crossed Rubicon of how we talk to each other and what we believe, the endless litany of Snopesworthy bullshit pushed by your Aunt is all founded on not getting enough attention from the opposite sex. Who is hot and who is not? He’d show them. He’d show them all.


OK. Direct download is here, and the HearMySpoilers stream is below:

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Listening Club - 4th February 2018

How do folks,

Hope you're all good. Amsterdam is fully in "oh so you think Winter's fading?" mode, so we're looking forward to a week of mega-brr (for here, anyway). So for us groundhogs, hibernation continues, making our way through the films and series of the year, as it is and always shall be...

Last week in #LC land, @Saucer was up to his old tricks with his pick of Broadcast's "Tender Buttons", which beeped and crackled the assembled to mostly positive effect. Thanks to him for the pick, and for flipping the frisb across the pond to @ohmyliver, who is here with this week's intro...

"So the frisbee has come my way this week. 

As always, I’ve had to fight my way through the albums that I’m currently caining, but I can’t pick because surely everyone knows them.  I’m looking at you Scott 4, the only album to have made me and go out and buy a film and to feature a track about the rise of neo-stalinism in Eastern Europe,  Or the albums that I really want to love, but miss the mark a little, I’m looking at you, album of garage punk covers of 80s Detroit Techno/Electro that is Party Store by The Dirtbombs, doubly annoying because I’ve wanted such an album to exist since ‘93.  

Anyhoo, on through to the inner circle of choices.   

I would have picked the ‘if Marx and Spencer did early 90s on the cusp-of-Jungle ‘ardcore’, that is The Modern Warfare 1-3 Special Request.  A well produced smoothness to the clatter of breakbeats, and neon electric piano riffs, in place of the rough mania that characterises a lot of ‘back in the day’ tracks, but has a lot of the dynamics of ardcore,I prefer it toi Luke Vibert’s recent UK Garave side project, which occupies a similar sonic territory. Possibly because it's less knowingly clever about it.  But whilst I really love some of the tracks on it, at least 3 tracks are a bit weak.  It’s also a bit unfair to not listen to it on a big soundsystem at 3AM. 

I could have picked the recently release/reissue Any Other Way, by the reclusive Jackie Shane.  Her then hidden transexuality adds a subtle difference, and a fragility which really works against the early to mid 60s soul backdrop.  But I’ve only just discovered it, and I need to listen to it more.

So I’ve gone with this one.  

It’s the best English translation of an German 20th century jazz influenced opera about the corruption of capitalist London.  The composer’s songs have been covered by a large number of people, Bowie, The Doors, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and even Robbie Williams.   My love for the excellence of it’s translation, capturing the bile and menace of the original better than other translations, is almost the inverse of my loathing of the various Rat Packy covers of the most famous song from this opera.  The song’s subject is an amoral corrupt murderous shit, not some sort of genial wiseguy for crying out loud.  I was introduced to this opera by my father who used to rely upon my support to overrule my mother’s mild dislike of having to listen to it on cassette on long car journeys. It’s setting of the seedy side of London exciting to my 12 year old ears.

As the Anglosphere slowly crumbles and buckles under the tensions of greed, corruption, and petty nationalism, sit back and listen to the jazz influenced atonal venom of this opera.  You might want to have something uplifting and poppy queued up for after though."

Okaydoke. Direct download is here, and the streamydereamy HearThis is below:

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Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Listening Club - 28th January 2018

Greetings folks,

Hope you're doing fine. Busy week for me here in Amsterdam, as I know a fair few of you have seen across the social meeds, finally starting to put some new Kleptones stuff out, which is a lovely feeling. (No need to link here, sure you've had more than enough of me banging on about it this week.).

Also, of course, much sadness for the passing of Mr. Smith, whom I had the pleasure of meeting only once, sharing a DJ bill in Manchester. I was unsure how to behave, and voiced my concern to the assembled, a mutual friend said "Ask him what he's drinking", he turned up, I asked, he said "Pils, mate", I got him a Holsten, then turned away for a second, he immediately pulled me back round and said "Hey, I thought we were having a drink?"... and so we drank a few, then he wandered over to the decks, pulled a CD out of his pocket, stuck it on, then turned every single knob and fader on the mixer up to full, coming close to blowing the sound system, all the whilst standing there grinning that unmistakeable grin. A very unique human, we'll not see his like again.

Last week here chez #LC, @rougeforever was in the chair, getting down and dirty in the fumes of Julian Cope's "Autogeddon". Many thanks to her for the pick, and for flipping the frisb across to that @saucer, who's here with this week's intro...

"I'll be honest: I was fatally dazzled by choice from too much great, recent music, and gave up on picking something new. I like picking newish albums here but I just got tired of arguing with myself  :/

So instead I went to my happy place... that verdant internal realm where artists like this one live in peace and presence forever. 

So this evening we have an all-time favorite by an all-time favorite, who have not shown up in Listening Club save for once in a vortex a couple of years ago.

I feel incredibly lucky and truly blessed to have seen them twice, both times many thousands of miles from their home. Each time they transfigured the room and changed my life. I miss them.

I want to share this with you before the nukes hit or the oceans sweep us away. Not even joking."

Okaydoke. Direct download is here, the ol' HearMeSpoilers stream is below:

See you at 8pm GMT.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Listening Club - 21st January 2018

Greetings folks,

Hope you're good. Jetlag finally receding here in Amsterdam, which is most welcome, we've both had more than enough of passing out mid-way through the day. Dreams are still full of travel shenanigans though, which is grand. And many plans starting to poke their little heads above the soil, which is also grand. Festival plans are starting too, so if anyone fancies a Dutch trip this year, Down The Rabbit Hole at the end of June is boasting a very impressive line up for such a small festival...

Last week we rolled into 2018 with a coke-fuelled bang courtesy of @SimonLandmine's pick of Duran Duran's infamous 1995 covers album "Thank You". To which, personally, I had to say "No Thank You", but a few folks dug it, even resulting in a PPP (post-playback purchase). So wide our tastes, eh? Cheers to Simon for kickstarting the year, and for flipping the frisbo across to @RougeForever, who's here with this week's intro...

"The other week, we were considering doing a decade-themed vortex, and I sought to ban the 1990s, which I still maintain is a reasonable position.  I was determined therefore to pick something from that decade for my next LC choice, because, like Whitman, I contain multitudes.

My pick is a concept album. (A phrase designed to strike fear into the hearts of us all).  There were a few different albums I wanted to chose by this artist, (because there are several absolute CORKERS)  but I've gone for the shorter one, because Matt said that it was impolite to force people to listen to an album for over an hour.  So, if you hate this, you'll be glad to know you'll only be suffering 45 minutes.  

You'll also be pleased to know, pop, punk, folk, krautrock and good old rock&roll all collide in this one.  What's the worse thing that could happen in 45 minutes?   It'll be fun!    

And there's a special flavour of irony in here for those of you know what I do for a living.  Don't tell my employers I picked this one."

Okaydoke. Direct download is here, and the HearThis stream is below...

See you at 8pm GMT!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Listening Club - 14th January 2018

Greetings, and belated Happy New Year to you all!

Yep, we're back from the other side of the globule, and have the weapons-grade jetlag to prove it. A mighty time was had, not surprisingly; made some ace new friends, caught up with a few old ones unexpectedly, and generally had a ball. Kinda happy to be back in the old environs though, got a mission and a half planned for the forthcoming year, so onwards and upwards we go...

Hugest of thanks to @emmaprice for doing a cracking job of running tings here in my absence, and for assembling last week's #festivevortex, which is no mean feat, as I'm sure she's now well aware. Way back in '17, @simonlandmine was left holding the frisb, so here he is with the first pre-match of '18...

"I had some trouble deciding what to select this time around, so I made a shortlist - some folk, some dance, some indie - and then cast myself upon the winds of fate (by way of a d8).

And fate seemed relevant to this one. Last week, @emmaprice and I were talking about an experience that won't resonate at all with the download generation - that of walking into a charity shop or second-hand music shop, and rifling through the bargain bins, to take a punt on something you didn't previously know existed.

That's what happened with this album - a quid or two from a charity shop. A bit of research when I got home revealed that it had something of a reputation I hadn't been aware of. And listening to it provides a series of surprises. So, not to spoil them ... on with the album ...

#drinkingclub: Probably something from the mid 90s ..."

Okaydoke, direct download is here, and the spoiler-ridden HearThis stream is below:

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Listening Club - 7th January 2018

Greetings all and welcome to the first Listening Club of 2018. I hope you all had a great festive season with good company, some fine refreshments and of course music.

Before we crack on with 2018 it's time for our #festivevortex covering our favourite musical discoveries of 2017. We've got a bumper crop of tracks for your delectation today for which thanks are due to all who contributed. I recommend getting some snacks in and ensuring your #drinkingclub supplies are well stocked as this is one of the longest mixes I can remember.

Next week we have @simonlandmine in the chair for your first regular #listeningclub of the year having caught the #frisbaton before the holiday season.

Share and enjoy!


Direct download is here and the herebefestivespoilers stream is below. See you all at 8PM GMT.