Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Listening Club - 21st January 2017

Greetings folks,

Hope you're good. Jetlag finally receding here in Amsterdam, which is most welcome, we've both had more than enough of passing out mid-way through the day. Dreams are still full of travel shenanigans though, which is grand. And many plans starting to poke their little heads above the soil, which is also grand. Festival plans are starting too, so if anyone fancies a Dutch trip this year, Down The Rabbit Hole at the end of June is boasting a very impressive line up for such a small festival...

Last week we rolled into 2018 with a coke-fuelled bang courtesy of @SimonLandmine's pick of Duran Duran's infamous 1995 covers album "Thank You". To which, personally, I had to say "No Thank You", but a few folks dug it, even resulting in a PPP (post-playback purchase). So wide our tastes, eh? Cheers to Simon for kickstarting the year, and for flipping the frisbo across to @RougeForever, who's here with this week's intro...

"The other week, we were considering doing a decade-themed vortex, and I sought to ban the 1990s, which I still maintain is a reasonable position.  I was determined therefore to pick something from that decade for my next LC choice, because, like Whitman, I contain multitudes.

My pick is a concept album. (A phrase designed to strike fear into the hearts of us all).  There were a few different albums I wanted to chose by this artist, (because there are several absolute CORKERS)  but I've gone for the shorter one, because Matt said that it was impolite to force people to listen to an album for over an hour.  So, if you hate this, you'll be glad to know you'll only be suffering 45 minutes.  

You'll also be pleased to know, pop, punk, folk, krautrock and good old rock&roll all collide in this one.  What's the worse thing that could happen in 45 minutes?   It'll be fun!    

And there's a special flavour of irony in here for those of you know what I do for a living.  Don't tell my employers I picked this one."

Okaydoke. Direct download is here, and the HearThis stream is below...

See you at 8pm GMT!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Listening Club - 14th January 2018

Greetings, and belated Happy New Year to you all!

Yep, we're back from the other side of the globule, and have the weapons-grade jetlag to prove it. A mighty time was had, not surprisingly; made some ace new friends, caught up with a few old ones unexpectedly, and generally had a ball. Kinda happy to be back in the old environs though, got a mission and a half planned for the forthcoming year, so onwards and upwards we go...

Hugest of thanks to @emmaprice for doing a cracking job of running tings here in my absence, and for assembling last week's #festivevortex, which is no mean feat, as I'm sure she's now well aware. Way back in '17, @simonlandmine was left holding the frisb, so here he is with the first pre-match of '18...

"I had some trouble deciding what to select this time around, so I made a shortlist - some folk, some dance, some indie - and then cast myself upon the winds of fate (by way of a d8).

And fate seemed relevant to this one. Last week, @emmaprice and I were talking about an experience that won't resonate at all with the download generation - that of walking into a charity shop or second-hand music shop, and rifling through the bargain bins, to take a punt on something you didn't previously know existed.

That's what happened with this album - a quid or two from a charity shop. A bit of research when I got home revealed that it had something of a reputation I hadn't been aware of. And listening to it provides a series of surprises. So, not to spoil them ... on with the album ...

#drinkingclub: Probably something from the mid 90s ..."

Okaydoke, direct download is here, and the spoiler-ridden HearThis stream is below:

See you at 8pm GMT!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Listening Club - 7th January 2018

Greetings all and welcome to the first Listening Club of 2018. I hope you all had a great festive season with good company, some fine refreshments and of course music.

Before we crack on with 2018 it's time for our #festivevortex covering our favourite musical discoveries of 2017. We've got a bumper crop of tracks for your delectation today for which thanks are due to all who contributed. I recommend getting some snacks in and ensuring your #drinkingclub supplies are well stocked as this is one of the longest mixes I can remember.

Next week we have @simonlandmine in the chair for your first regular #listeningclub of the year having caught the #frisbaton before the holiday season.

Share and enjoy!


Direct download is here and the herebefestivespoilers stream is below. See you all at 8PM GMT.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Listening Club - 17th December 2017

@emmaprice here with my best caretaking coat on wishing you greetings from a somewhat soggy London where the pre-Xmas festivities are in full swing. Before we start with todays tuneage just a quick reminder that Listeningclub will be on annual hols for the next fortnight and will return with a bang on January 7th to help banish those post Xmas blues. That’s right it’s our annual #festivevortex so get thinking about those new tracks you’ve been loving this year.

Last week @kleptones was in the hot seat and treated us all to the eponymous debut album from James Holden & The Animal Spirits which went down rather well with the assembled throng.

The frisbaton made the final cross channel journey of the year over to @mutster101 for this week’s pick so Ladies & Gentlemen please raise your glasses and join me in a festive chorus of #ohGareth

"It’s Christmas time… and there’s no need to be afraid…except for the continuing rise of fascism and the returning threat of nuclear Armageddon… AND THE FACT THAT IT’S MY PICK! I went for a Christmas one. Given that LDR hasn’t done a Christmas album, there was only one obvious choice".  

Direct download is here and the herebefestivespoilers stream is below. See you all at 8PM GMT.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Listening Club - 10th December 2017

Greetings folks,

Hope all is fine wherever you are. Major hum of activity here in Amsterdam, as myself and @nessiest prepare ourselves for our trip away, whilst negotiating the slip and slide of streets newly christened with snow (it could have waited until we'd left the country, really, pretty though it is). We'll be back in a month or so, leaving @emmaprice in charge of things here, many thanks to her for the offer! As mentioned before, due to the festive calendar we'll be closed for two weeks over xmas, last #LC of 2017 will be next Sunday (17th), then back with the traditional #festivevortex on 7th January, for which, as always, we require a couple of your favourite new tunes of 2017 to throw into the pot, so plenty of time for you to ponder and pick...

Last week, the very same @emmaprice was in the selector's chair, treating us to one of 2017's finest, LCD Soundsystem's "American Dream". Many thanks to her for the pick and for flipping the frisb back across to me, @kleptones. So, time for a ctrl-I...

"Ah, there we go. Have to admit, I already had this album in the "probable next pick" bag, so there was very little pondering needed, although I'm reluctant to give much away in advance. It's "Listen Without Prejudice" time again (no, not *that* one).

This is the newest release by an artist that's been active for a good few years, but represents a change in direction to their previous work (which I wasn't much fussed about, tbh). In it's live incarnation it also provided me with one of the high points (if not *the* high point) of our recent excursion to Le Guess Who festival in Utrecht a month or so back - If you enjoy this, I'd highly recommend checking this lot out live if you get a chance, as they take the ideas and themes on this record (which are, as far as I know, mostly improvised) up to a whole 'nother level.

Anyways, hope you enjoy! #drinkingclub recommended accompaniment? Probably Mezcal."

Righty-ho. Direct download is here, and the HearBeSpoilers stream is below:

See you at 8pm GMT. And have a great holiday season, whatever you're all up to!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Listening Club - 3rd December 2017

Greetings folks,

Hope all is fine with y'all. Still wet & gloomy in Amsterdam, as is expected. Seriously looking forward to a little bit of time on the other side of the planet soon, even tho some areas will be just as cold as here, hopefully the gloomth will not be in such evidence, or at least outweighed by the neon onslaught.... *crosses fingers*

Last week chez #LC, @xpollen8 was in the chair, with a very timely discourse on modern shopping modes courtesy of The Evolution Control Committee's "The Last Mall", which boggled the heads of those assembled in the way that it was very much intended. Thanks to him for the pick and for flipping the frisbaton across to @emmaprice, who's here with this week's pre-match...

"Evening all,

Here I am with my final pick of 2017, sitting here with beautiful blue skies it's hard to believe we're now in December.

My pick this time will be no surprise to some of you, it's a long one so make sure you are suitably equipped for #drinkingclub. In honour of tonight's pick I'll be drinking festival cider out of a camping bottle.

A few years ago I met a guy and asked him which 8 songs he'd take to a desert island (in the style of BBCR4's long running Desert Island Discs) I often find this a useful indicator if you're going to get on with someone. Top tip - if they say I'm not into music then activate the emergency protocols and run. Amongst an electic set of tracks he picked a track by this artist and so began my love affair with the band.

I never thought I'd get the opportunity to see them live as they'd split several years previously so I contentedly listened to the back catalogue and lamented a missed opportunity. Last year however they reformed and I got to see them with some of my very favourite people at Glastonbury Festival, one of the places most special to me. Unsurprisingly it was one of the best gigs of my life.

So please join me in listening to one of my most played albums of 2017."

Okaydoke. Direct download is here, and the HearBeSpoilers stream is below:

See you at 8pm GMT.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Listening Club - 26th November 2017

Greetings folks,

Hope all are fine. Wet and moody here in Amsterdam, so staying in and enjoying @nessiest's finest soup experiments is the order of the day. Neglected last week to discuss the upcoming bits and bobs on twitter, so I'll just repost what I wrote last week to remind myself...

Advance notice warning alert - M'self and that @nessiest are going away for a long trip over Dec / Jan to faraway climes (mainly Japan and New Zealand), which means we could really do with a guest manager (or several) for a few Sundays, at the very least 17th Dec & 7th Jan, as looking at the calendar (god I hate it when it reaches that time of the year), this year Xmas Eve and NYE are Sundays, which is rather inconvenient for #LC-ing, so we could take a couple of weeks off and do the Trad #xmasvortex on 7th Jan? Please voice your opinions. Whatever happens, we'll need some help...

Okaydoke, last week in the land of #LC, that @Saucer was in the chair, going for something rather bleepy with his pick of Smagghe & Cross's "Timothy Dalton", which went down pretty well for the most part. Thanks to him for the pick and for flipping the frisb across to @xpollen8, who is here with this week's intro...

"Presented for your tolerant consideration is a conceptual piece - a meditation on capitalism.  This was an early cassette-only release by a guy who could lay claim to having invented the modern mash-up when he discovered that a popular 60's instrumental track was the same BPM and duration as a particular rap artist's vocal track.

Hilarity ensued and a genre was spawned.

What you are about to hear is not a mash-up, but is indicative of the playfulness and experimentation of this artist. (I also have in my collection his wax-cylinder release)

If you like Negativland or Plunderphonics, then you may enjoy this. If you're here for deep grooves or guitar virtuosity, then you will be disappointed."

Direct download is here, and the HearBeNoSpoilersThisWeek stream is below:

See you 8pm GMT.