Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Listening Club - 29th January 2017

Greetings folks,

Hope you're as well as can be expected, given the shit storm of the last seven days. Trying hard here to enjoy a mellow hungover Sunday as per the normal, but we no longer live in the normal, it seems...

Last week @JimMcCauley was in the chair, and blasted the collective lugholes with his pick of the eponymous album from Nevermen, aka Mike Patton, Doseone and Tunde Adebimpe. Many thanks to Jim for the pick and for sailing the frisbaton across to me, @kleptones. So here's the intro...

Okay, so this one does bend the rules slightly, but as it is a collection of music picked by an individual, I reckon it does qualify, but rather than existing in audio form, this is a collection of music from a book that I very much enjoyed reading a year or two ago.

I've left the order of the songs pretty much as it exists in the book, and included every one, but have moved a couple around as it made better listening sense. Still, there's two hours of fine music here, a lot of songs that people will know, a few you probably won't, and one that surprisingly moved me to tears on hearing it again for the first time in a while. 

I hope you'll stick with it, understand and enjoy the selections, and I'll leave you with the three quotations that are printed at the start of the book:

"There are two approaches to music. One is, “Man, I’m a musician and I got nothin’ to do with politics. Just let me do my own thing.” And the other is that music’s going to save the world…. I think that music’s somewhere in between." - Joan Baez

"As bad as it may sound, I’d rather listen to a good song on the side of segregation than a bad song on the side of integration." - Phil Ochs

"What art gains from contemporary events is always a fascinating problem and a problem that is not easy to solve." - Oscar Wilde

Download is here, and the spoiler-ridden HearThis stream is here:

Hope to see you at 8pm GMT.

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  1. Tracklist for tonight

    1 Woody Guthrie, “This Land Is Your Land”

    2 Billie Holiday, “Strange Fruit”

    3 Pete Seeger, “We Shall Overcome”

    4 Bob Dylan, “Masters of War”

    5 Nina Simone, “Mississippi Goddam”

    6 Country Joe McDonald, “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag” (Live at Woodstock)

    7 James Brown, “Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud”

    8 Plastic Ono Band, “Give Peace a Chance”

    9 Edwin Starr, “War”

    10 Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, “Ohio”

    11 Gil Scott-Heron, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

    12 Stevie Wonder, “Living for the City”

    13 Victor Jara, “Manifiesto”

    14 Fela Kuti and Afrika 70, “Zombie”

    15 Max Romeo and the Upsetters, “War Ina Babylon”

    16 The Clash, “White Riot”

    17 Carl Bean, “I Was Born This Way”

    18 Linton Kwesi Johnson, “Sonny’s Lettah (Anti-SUS Poem)”

    19 The Dead Kennedys, “Holiday in Cambodia”

    20 Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five feat. Melle Mel and Duke Bootee, “The Message”

    21 Crass, “How Does It Feel (To Be The Mother Of A Thousand Dead)”

    22 Frankie Goes to Hollywood, “Two Tribes”

    23 U2, “Pride (In the Name of Love)”

    24 The Special AKA, “Nelson Mandela”

    25 Billy Bragg, “Between the Wars”

    26 R.E.M., “Exhuming McCarthy”

    27 Huggy Bear, “Her Jazz"

    28 The Prodigy feat. Pop Will Eat Itself, “Their Law”

    29 Manic Street Preachers, “Of Walking Abortion”

    30 Steve Earle, “John Walker’s Blues”

    31 Rage Against the Machine, “Sleep Now in the Fire”

    32 Green Day, “American Idiot”

    33 Public Enemy, “Fight the Power”