Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Listening Club - 13th March 2016

Hey folks,

Hope you're good. Sun in blazing in thru the windows here in AMS, due to an unseasonably clear few days that has led to a flurry of outdoors activity, the digging out of sunglasses, and a customary spring cleaning session following the reveal of the winter's grot buildup. All as expected and all the better for it, I'd say.

Back in #lc land, last week @wojsvenwoj took us all for a quick lap around the strange world of The Book Of Knots' "Garden Of Fainting Stars", which went down well with quite a few of you. Many thanks to Woj for the pick, and for flipping the firsbee across to @cakehugga, and here she is with this week's intro...

"Hello Listening Clubbers,

So this week I’ve been through the usual process of narrowing my choice to 4 albums, then remembering something else I love, changing my mind and finally choosing something completely different.

Eventually I thought of this album and it made me smile. I have been thinking a lot about the past and the future recently. In the last year I’ve ended up using a walking stick for 3 months after a broken bone which took a while to heal, had abdominal surgery and moved house twice. On the plus side I got a permanent job in a brilliant school, fell in love with a lovely widower, bought a house and got engaged.

Music for me has always been a way to express what I’m going through. At the moment I am able to look forward again and I am drawn to positive upbeat music. This album makes me smile, dance and sing along.

I hope it will brighten up your Sunday night and maybe get you moving."

Okaydoke - direct download is here, and the HearThis stream is...

Hope to see you at 8!

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