Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Listening Club - 22nd November 2015

Hey all,

22nd already? Jeepers, how time flies. Bloody fine week here tho, despite shitty weather, some awesome gigs now stored in the memory banks from Zu, John Grant & Brad Mehldau. Three very different shades of excellence, but wow and gosh is really all I can say. Sure makes the crappy parts of life bearable when there's such wonders to be witnessed...

Speaking of such wonders, next week is (1) #vortex week and (2) me on holiday. Still looking for a subject for (1) and a deputy for (2). Let's have a chat later about it, eh?

Last week, @JonnyDaPigg was in the chair and reflected the mood rather well with his pick of The Beatles "Love" soundtrack album. Big thanks to him for the selection, and for flipping the frisbee down to @SamSmitter, who is here with this week's pre-match....

"This album comes into the well-established Listening Club category of “lesser known solo album by someone from a famous band”. 

Although I have nothing against them I’m not particularly a fan of the band in question, but this record reflects their roots and inspiration rather than their better-known material. It has some fine playing from the musicians, a charming (if technically limited) singing voice, a combination of original songs and classic covers, and some pleasingly simple/clunky production as was common at the time. It has a coherent sound and vibe of its own, which I always like in an album. As these mp3s are ripped from vinyl I have provided audible crackles for extra authenticity and atmosphere. 

The album disappeared for a while after its initial release, to be re-released once the artist’s profile had become bigger, and so apparently acquired “legendary” or cult status while it was missing from record shops. I’m hoping it will be new to most people, and hope it slots nicely into your Sunday evening/morning/daytime. 

Cheers! Sam"

Direct download is here, and the HearThis stream is...

See you at 8pm GMT!

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