Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Listening Club - 7th June 2015

Greetings from Brighton!

Nice to be back in the old homestead again, with some half decent weather to boot. A weekend of booze, burgers and catching up with old friends really can't be beat, looking forward to erasing the hangover with a decent roast as soon as this is done.

Last week we had the fine #summervortex, which really was a splendid selection of seasonal tracks, many thanks to all who chipped in. Tracklist can be found in the comments of last wek's post as per usual...  Back to regular programming this week, and it's me with the frisbee, so I'd better go all italic...

"Ah that's better. Thinking back to the last time I picked an #LC album whilst I was away from home, I picked Negativland from the XOXO conference in Portland. So to continue a rather loose thread of picking albums that had rather a large influence on me and the music I ended up making when I'm away from home, here's another (for me) classic album, a DJ mix that's been getting a few fresh mentions online recently as it's celebrating it's 20th birthday, and is quite rightly held up as one of the very first mixes of it's kind. It definitely had a huge effect on myself at the time, demonstrating how far it was possible to stretch out in the space of 70 minutes without losing the groove.

I can't say too much else without giving the game away, although it will become pretty obvious to quite a few of you who's behind it as soon as you hit play at 8pm. It's quite a trip, Hope you enjoy it!"

Okaydoke, Download is here, and the Mixcloud is here.

Looking forward to seeing you at 8!

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