Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Listening Club - 29th June 2014

Happy Glastonbury, everybody! @JimMcCauley at the controls again, while @kleptones does his thing on Worthy Farm. I'm not there because if you live in Bath it's like visiting the Roman Baths or Jane Austen's house; you just never get round to doing it. I did however get to see Jurassic 5 in Bristol the other night; sadly we didn't see much of previous #listeningclub pick, Ugly Duckling, thanks to dodgy stage monitors. After a few game attempts they had to give up; bit of a disappointment but J5 made up for it by being on top form.

Last week @EastVanHalen caught the frisbee and treated us to, I think, our second jazz excursion, in the form of "The Definitive Thelonious Monk". Quite possibly the Ken Burns Jazz Collection edition, and it definitely hit the Sunday night spot. Thanks to @EastVanHalen for the pick, and for flinging the frisbee at @pamac66.

Who of course gets an extra week to think about his pick, because tonight it's the second annual #LiveVortex! 16 live corkers for your delectation, and naturally it's an excellently diverse mix of tunes; maybe a little more laid back than last year's, but with a good few opportunities to get up and dance. Thanks to everyone who contributed a track!

Direct download link is here, and the Mixcloud stream of inevitable track title spoilers is here.

See you at 8pm (GMT+1)!

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  1. Here's the tracklist:

    1: Buckwheat Zydeco – What You Gonna Do? (@pamac66)
    2: Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (@mutster101)
    3: Peter Mulvey – Mama, You've Been on My Mind (@mrhig)
    4: Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper (@boopybin)
    5: Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (@emmaprice)
    6: The Unthanks – Free Will and Testament (@cdrose_writer)
    7: Otis Redding – I've Been Loving You (Too Long) (@rougeforever)
    8: Kings of Convenience – Free Fallin' (@akx)
    9: Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song/The Boys Are Back in Town (@kleptones)
    10: Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (@MonkeyTypes)
    11: Los Campensinos! – You! Me! Dancing! (@thejayarr)
    12: Eminem – Pick It Up (@samsmitter)
    13: Chemical Brothers – Block Rocking Beats (@jonnydapigg)
    14: Soulwax – KracK (@cakehugga)
    15: Spacemen 3 – Suicide (@JimMcCauley)