Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Listening Club - 25th May 2014

Howdy y'all,

Hope things are going well whatever you've been up to - all fine in the Dam, a bit of sun peeking through from time to time, and plenty opportunities for genial afternoon drinking sessions and evening musical activities. All par for the course, as you'd expect, but it's a fine course to play, no?

Last week @monkeytypes was in the chair for the first time in a good while, and delivered unto us all a cracking mix and a half, courtesy of Jon Carter's "Live At The Social Vol.2", which went down so well quite a few of us had the first ever #listeningclub #afterparty and gave a spin to The Chemical Brothers Vol.1 mix also. A funkin' good time was had by all. Many thanks to him for the selection and for flipping the frisbee across to @mrhig for next week's pick...

But first, on a suggestion by @JimMcCauley, we present the #MyFirstLPvortex! Yep, time to represent the first time you moved past the realms of single songs, and decided to splurge on a full long-playing experience. Sweet and innocent times? Listen in and find out...

Download is here and the Mixcloud stream (which may reveal the song titles, you have been warned)  is here!

See you at 8pm BST (GMT+1)!

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