Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Listening Club - 16th March 2014

Hello, good afternoon and welcome!

Lovely to see you, indeed. Good to have a break from spring-cleaning housework to tap this out, prior to popping off to see "Grand Budapest Hotel" in one of the finest cinemas in Europe, then to take in The Men later this evening, so yes, I'll be in absentia again... but there's plenty goodness to be had here, and also a #vortex theme to be thought up for two weeks time (hint, hint), so onwards...

Last week, cor blimey, @JimMcCauley pulled off quite an achievement, sending out live visuals to accompany the playback of  'Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost' by Shpongle, to the delight of those of us with a cast-iron internet connection - A stellar performance indeed - many thanks to Jim for effort above and beyond the call of duty, and for flipping the frisb across to @akx, who is here with the pre-match...

"Now that we've been on a Club-rule-bending, erm, bent as of late -- and thankfully so, because I was genuinely drawing a blank as to what album I'd offer up -- here's something a little different again.

It's a mixtape, from an excellently tastefully curated hidden gem of a ninety-five-and-growing-part series of mixtapes meant for driving and/or the after-party after a rambunctious night out (this particular instance is one of the latter, so let's call this week a rambunctious night out and its Sunday the afterparty). I tend to listen to them at work, which really is neither driving or an after-party, but hey, bending rules.

Anyway: out of all the 95 published so far, this is the one I've come back to most often (both according to my own knowledge and's!), which is why it's my pick to share with you.

<3s from a not-that-cold-and-miserable-anymore Finland.


Drinking club recommendation: Something mellow. A bottle of wine to share with someone, perhaps."

Excellent. Download is here, trackist reveal for afters is here, and the Mixcloud stream (which will definitely reveal the origin, as it's the source, you have been warned)  is here!

Search #listeningclub to see what's going on, and follow @listeningclub for the admin.

Hope to see you tonight at 8pm GMT!

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