Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Listening Club - 9th February 2014

Well hello there everyone!

Yes, I'm back from hols, looking more than a little tanned and culture-shocked after a couple of weeks trekking around the Western Cape, up mountains, down valleys, along beaches, around vineyards and in and out of many fine bars and restaurants, even finding time to get down with the Cape Town hipsters to John Wizards homecoming show after their long European tour. Holiday with a capital H indeed, much needed and much appreciated!

Thanks again to Jim for sorting out the #cookingvortex, and Jonny for his pick last week of highlights from "The Sounds Of The Speakeasy", holding the fort splendidly in my absence, looks like a fun time has continued to be had by all, and delighted to see plans for the #dambusters trip coming together too - that's going to be one hell of a weekend... Frisbee-wise, I see that @thejayarr is signaling his readyness, so over to him for the intro...

"This is a record that I've played the hell out of over the last year or so, and one I considered last time it was my turn in the hotseat, so this was a relatively easy pick. It’s the most recent record from this band, although it’s now over a decade old - apparently this year will finally see the release of the follow-up, but you never know.
I only heard of it about three years ago, from a passing comment from someone I follow on twitter, and it was months before I actually listened to it properly. And even then it didn’t really click for me right away. It’s an album with a good reputation, which is fully deserved, but if ever there was a record that warrants multiple listens, it’s this one. Luckily there’s enough stand-out tracks to make it worthwhile for new listeners.
Because of its reputation, I wouldn't be surprised if some people already knew this one, but hopefully if that’s the case, it’ll be worth re-visiting. Enjoy!"

Okaydokie! Direct download mp3 is here, and the Mixcloud stream (which may reveal the track titles, you have been warned) is here!

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Hope to see you tonight at 8pm GMT!

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