Sunday, 10 February 2013

Listening Club - 10th February 2013

Howdy folks,

Yet again I find myself tapping out the LC intro with a room full of drying washing, a beckoning suitcase and a flight to come later in the day, following another weekender back to London for Kleptonite last night. Fortunately I've managed to avoid the jumbo hangover that plagued last week's intro, so will be bopping around the house for the rest of the day singing "I should feel much worse than this, doo-dah, doo-dah". Sure you know what I mean, if not what I do...

So, and futhermore, well... last week saw @jayesofine pushing the frisbee far out with their pick of The Intergalactic Republic Of Kongo. The band, and the eponymous album, natch, not the place, which probably doesn't exist, although all of you who enjoyed the album are probably wishing it did. Thanks to Jaye for the excellent pick, and for the customary frisbee fling, this time in the direction of @holette, who is about to make the choice that may well have happened last week if it hadn't dropped so close to the #LC deadline...

"Breaking with Listening Club tradition, and because I was just too damn excited about its release last week, I’ve blabbed my choice in advance. The new My Bloody Valentine album – bit of an event really. Well, it is when you’ve spent as much time swooning around in a nocturnal, narcotic haze listening to them as I did back in the day. And it is 14th February this week.

So have they still got something special, 22 odd years (22!) after releasing their last album? I’ve shied away from reading the reviews of mbv this week but couldn’t resist a listen yesterday. I wasn’t disappointed. There’s one track in particular I CANNOT WAIT to hear again. A band who will always spring a surprise on you I think. Loved the “mbv breaks the internet” stories last week too.

So, “seminal band” or not, don’t hold your tweets. Let the, ahem, feedback commence. Sorry."

Well then. Providing the internet police don't descend on us, Dropbox download is here, and Mixcloud stream here!

A tidal wave of magical transcendence or a nasty case of the Emperor's new FX pedals? Join us at 8pm for the debate...

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